Friday, December 10, 2010

Micah Project Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Blessings from Tegucigalpa, Honduras! My deepest apologies about not posting any prayer requests in the last three weeks! However, things here at the project have been very joyful - last month, our graduation was well worth the time and energy spent on it as we celebrated the graduation of Jeferson, Maycol, Brayan Chavez, Hector Licona and Hauner Amaya from high school. Several of our friends from the U.S. were able to fly down in order to spend the weekend with us and the graduates. The next weekend, the Micah guys celebrated the beginning of school vacation by going on a trip to the Northern coast with Roger. After returning from the Northern coast, the Micah guys have started a construction project out in the Villa Linda Miller. In short, these have been a busy few weeks! As we  start a new month, we would like to ask you to please be holding the graduates, the Micah guys and us (the staff) in your prayers. Please be praying for:

* The New Micah Graduates
As our graduates look ahead to the future, we would like to ask you to please keep them in your prayers. Please be praying for wisdom and for the hand of the Lord to be on them and their lives. Even though they have graduated from high school, their journeys are far from over. Please continue to hold Chavez, Jeferson, Maycol, Hector and Hauner in your prayers.

* Safety
Last week, the local newspaper named (for the second time this year) our barrio as one of the "hot zones" for crime in the city of Tegucigalpa. This claim has been born out in reality with several murders in our neighborhood during the past two weeks. Additionally, Wilmer and Arle were unlawfully detained and threatened by corrupt police officers last week. Our neighborhood is truly becoming a "hot zone" of crime. Please continue to hold all the Micah staff and guys in your prayers. Please continue to pray that we can be Christ-like influences in the midst of so much darkness and that the Lord will complete a great work in this city and stop the violence.

*The Micah Staff
As we labor to bring these young men off of the street and strive to be God's agents in transforming them into future Christian leaders, we face a long and hard fight. Often, we are called upon to work long hours and deal with stressful situations day after day. We ask you to please be holding us in your prayers this week! Please pray for patience, for wisdom, for grace and for the love of Christ to flow through us every moment as we work to raise up each of the Micah guys.

* And, let us always remember to PRAISE!!!
 - For the Micah graduates! These five young men have completed the long road to graduation, and we are extremely proud of their hard work!! Praise the Lord for all the change that He has brought about in their lives and for strengthening their hands to do the work that they needed to do!
- For a smooth graduation weekend! This weekend was a wonderful time of praise and fellowship with friends from the U.S. - praise the Lord that everything went well and that we were able to have a joyous time celebrating our graduates!!
-  For encouragement when it's needed! Praise the Lord for giving us all that we need to do everything that He has called us to do - including giving us wonderful friends who lift us up when necessary!!

On graduation weekend, as the new graduates worked their way through all of the staff and Micah board members, giving hugs to each one, I remarked to David Miller (Michael's father), "These are the moments that make it all worthwhile." It is moments like those that remind us why we fight so hard for these young men; these moments remind us of our goals for each of them in their long journeys. We pray, and we also ask you to pray, that each young man who enters our doors is able to also arrive at the same moment of triumph. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been a busy and encouraging two weeks here at Micah Project. At the end of the last week, we were blessed to attend an informational event about street kids hosted by local bilingual private school. The school's aim was to teach their upper-class students about the realities of street life while looking to break through some of the class barriers that exist here in Honduras.  It was a wonderful time of sharing and learning. The weekend just got better, as on Sunday we celebrated the baptisms of six of our guys! It was wonderful and encouraging to witness so many of our young men take an important and publicly proclaim their devotion to Jesus Christ!! Sadly, just a few days ago, we were reminded of the reality of death in this fallen world when we received news that our beloved friend Jo Bewley had passed away after a long and valiant battle with cancer.  

* Bob Bewley and their family
We are blessed to have known Jo Bewley and inspired to see how she was at peace with the Lord's will for her in these past few weeks. We are grateful that Micah college student Olvin Funez was able to be with Bob and Jo throughout her final day and that both Olvin and Oscar Amaya stayed with Bob that night. Micah Project director Michael Miller left for the U.S. on Monday in order attend Jo's funeral and to be with Bob. Please hold Bob and their children and grandchildren in your prayers this week.

* The six baptized Micah guys
Miguelito, Axelito, Nelson, Miguel Fugon, Joel, and Yeison were all baptized two Sundays ago - and we had a large celebratory party that evening in the Micah house!! However, we also realize that our enemy will try to destroy these young men after they have much such a bold proclamation of their faith in Christ. Please hold each of them and their faith in prayer over the course of these next few weeks. We have already seen a large change in their lives! Also, please pray that us of the Micah staff have the wisdom to wisely guide and mentor each of them as they seek to become more like Christ!

* Axel Lopez and Cristofer
Both of these young men have had a very difficult year and are currently living outside of Micah House. Please lift both of them up in prayer as they struggle with myriad voices and influences telling them how they should live their lives. Please pray they will experience broken repentance that drives them to Christ and we will see the kind of change in their lives that allows us to bring them back into Micah and once again start their journeys forward.

* Our Barrio
Crime continues to be an issue here in Barrio Buenos Aires, even to the point of forcing us to change our approach to personal security as we move about our neighborhood. Please pray for safety for us and the other residents of our neighborhood. Please also pray that we can be good witnesses of Christ in the midst of this darkness, that plans for Micah 2.0 would continue to move ahead smoothly and that our guys would remain safe in the meantime.

* And from the darkest depths, let us remember to PRAISE!
- For Jo Bewley's life! Jo blessed so many people over the course of her life and we are blessed to be part of her legacy. Several mothers of Micah guys are part of the sewing group "Grupo Mama Jo" that Jo founded and are especially grateful to her for all that she did for them. Let us thank the Lord for this amazing woman of God!
- For the baptized Micah guys! It is a large step forward for each of these young men, and we are thrilled about the progress that baptism symbolizes. Praise the Lord for these young men!!
- For Marvin Morazan's new job! Marvin is back in Honduras and just got a job teaching Bible at the International School of Tegucigalpa - one of the best schools in the city!! Praise the Lord!!
- Three of our graduating seniors (Jeferson Baysa, Hector Licona, and Brayan Chavez) have also begun working this past week, with great jobs at Tegu Toys, a wooden toy company founded and run by a friend of the Micah Project, Chris Haughey. We are so thankful for this opportunity for them to be working full-time when there is so much economic instability! 
- For the Lord's hand of blessing on our ministry. We have been blessed with dear friends and many ministry opportunities. Praise the Lord for allowing us to be used by Him!!

Life can be sad, it can be challenging and it can present us with sudden joys and sudden sorrows. Life in this fallen world is unpredictable and all too often presents us with obstacles and pain. However, we serve a God who is greater than all challenges, who heals the pains, carries us through the rough times and rejoices with us in the moments of joy. It our privilege to be serving this God here in Honduras, and we hope that He will allow us to continue to serve here for many, many more years! Thank you for your prayers and God bless!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mama Jo

I wanted to let you all know that our dear, dear friend Jo Bewley (around the Micah Project, everyone knows her as Mama Jo) passed away this afternoon after a long battle with cancer.  Jo has been coming to Honduras with her husband Bob every year since we founded the project.  Her favorite topic of conversation was missions...she loved to be a part of what God's people are doing around the world.  Specifically though, she loved the Micah Project!  She seemed perfectly at home here, whether she was under the bridge ministering to the street kids, out in Villa Linda Miller chatting with the families or at the Micah House surrounded by the boys.

A few years ago, Jo Bewley founded a program called The Micah Moms.  The idea stemmed from a group of Jos' friends in Houston called the Crafty Ladies.  Jo decided that if she and her friends could meet together and sew, make crafts, and fellowship, then that model would work in Honduras too!  She had a much bigger vision though:  she would teach the Micah Moms sewing skills so that they could earn some income for their families.  Our boys' moms are some of the poorest women in Tegucigalpa, and most have never had the opportunity to get an education.  On several subsequent trips after founding the Micah Moms, Jo brought down sewing "yo-yos"...and taught the moms how to make pillows, table runners and other things!

Thanks to Jo's inspiration, the Micah Moms group has taken off!  Six to eight ladies gather in the Micah House every afternoon.  A sewing teacher comes in twice a week to teach them various sewing skills.  There is a plan in place to make needlepoints belts to sell in various university bookstores around the country.  Even more important than the microenterprise development, the moms also meet every Thursday for a Bible study.  They have suffered much, and their lives as single moms in very poor neighborhoods are never easy.  The time of fellowship, prayer and support that they have each week has been transformative for each one of them.  One of the moms told us recently that she never felt that her life had any worth at all until she joined the Micah moms group.  Now, she looks forward to one o'clock in the afternoon every day so that she can come to the Micah Project for the Micah Moms time!

A couple of months ago, the moms even decided to rename their group "Grupo Mama Jo" in honor of their dear friend.  When they found out that she passed away today, they all came rushing into my office in the Micah House.  They spent some time talking about HOW MUCH they love Mama Jo and how much she meant to their lives.

Jo will be missed, terribly missed, by all the lives she touched.  But she will also be celebrated, because she poured out to others all the blessings God that gave to her ...and in the process, she blessed many, many lives.  We know that there is a celebration in heaven as this daughter of God receives her crown tonight!

We love you, Mama Jo!

Michael, (for the boys, the staff and Grupo Mama Jo)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Many thanks for your prayers from last week! With John and Becca in the U.S., we have all been just a little bit busier trying to fill their shoes, but we have at least succeeded in temporarily in filling the gap. Still, we are very excited about their return on Tuesday! We look forward to another week of ministry with them and, as always, we want to cover all of our endeavors in this ministry with prayer. This week, we ask to to please pray with us for:

* Our neighborhood
Barrio Buenos Aires continues to be a increasingly dangerous place. The threat of danger continues to hang in the air and linger the back of our minds.  We ask for safety for us and our guys as well as for peace to fill our barrio. Please continue to pray that there is revival in this barrio and that Christ would change people's lives on a large scale. Also please that we have the necessary compassion, courage, and wisdom to be effective lights for Christ in this very dark place.

* The Bewley Family
Jo Bewley is continuing to grow weaker as time marches onward in her slow battle against cancer. Bob and Jo are very dear members of our family and we deeply hurt for them. Please hold both of them and their family in prayer in the midst of this time.

* Micah 2.0
The vision for Micah 2.0 continues its long journey towards reality! We are very excited about the opportunity to move just outside of the city and gain space and a house intentionally planned around the needs of the guys. Please continue to lift this process up in prayer and ask the Lord that He give us wisdom. Also, please pray that He guides us as we seek to set the tone for the next ten years of ministry (or more)!

* The Micah Staff
Discouragement and frustration are constant enemies of ours, and they have the ability to cripple us in our work. It is incredibly easy to simply become angry or feel defeated when one of our guys takes a step backwards. Please lift us up in prayer for strength, for patience, for supernatural perseverance, and more. We know that we are nothing, but that He is strong!!

* And, of course, let us PRAISE!!
- For the continued progress in the lives of many of our guys! While they have moments of struggle, our guys are growing and moving forward in their lives. Praise the Lord for continuing to bring them them this far!!
- For this opportunity. We are grateful to the Lord for giving us several years of exciting ministry to the street youth of Tegucigalpa and we pray that He gives us many more!
-Six of our young our planning to be baptized this Sunday at their church.  We are so excited that they are taking this step in their Christian walk!  Pray for continued growth and maturity in their faith.

Working with teenagers is never easy, and working with drug-addicted teens is even harder, but the Lord has blessed our ministry and brought us many wonderful young men. We are also grateful for all of our "extended family" in the U.S. - God bless you and we hope that you all have a wonderful week!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,
Miguelito raises a praising rap to the Lord!

It's fall here! For a few days, a cold front has moved in over the city and we are actually experiencing fall-like weather. We know that this is only temporary and we will soon be back into the 80s...still, the weather makes for a nice change in our normal routine  - and every little thing helps in the daily challenges of raising our boys. Thankfully, many of them are doing well and are growing. However, we continue to worry about and pray for these young men and their futures. This week, please join us in praying for:

* Axel Lopez
Axel once again left for the streets almost a week ago. He had a long and difficult summer, but had  returned to Micah and seemed to be settling into a healthy routine. However, eventually, the same troubling issues from his past that led him from Micah in the first place once again destabilized Axel and caused him to walk out of Micah. Please be praying for Axel, especially for safety, for healing, and for surrender in his heart that will allow him to turn to others and ask for help.

* Jo Bewley
Jo Bewley, the founder of Grupo Mama Jo (the Micah Moms sewing ministry) is in the final stages of her long fight against cancer. Jo and her husband Bob have been dear friends to the Micah Project over the last ten years.  Please be raising Jo and Bob and their family up in prayer.

* Our neighborhood
Our barrio has continued its long decline into the horrors of an area controlled by the drug trade. Violence and crime are on the rise and continue to spiral out of control. This past week, we have heard stories of at least five deaths, many of them carried out by professional hit men. The local newspaper even recently listed our barrio as one of the sources of "delinquent behavior" in the city! Please hold Barrio Buenos Aires and the people living here in your prayers. Please especially pray for safety, for an end to the drugs and the violence, and for revival in this barrio. Please pray that Christ would become known to many here in this neighborhood and that His peace would be evident here. Also, please pray that we of the Micah Project would be lights in the midst of this darkness and epicenters of God's moving hand here in Barrio Buenos Aires.

* Micah 2.0 
Partly as a reaction to the violence in our neighborhood, we are looking to purchase a large plot of land in a small community just outside of Tegucigalpa. Our dream is to give our guys safety, tranquility, and a large space far from the temptations of the streets - a space where they would run, play, and burn off their endless amounts of energy. We have several likely pieces of property in mind, and people have already begun donating to our Micah 2.0 fund! Please pray that the Lord continues to have His hand on this entire process and that His divine wisdom would guide each and every one of our decisions.
A potential site for Micah 2.0

* And, in spite of the darkness, let us Praise our Awesome God!!
- For bringing Micah 2.0 from a dream into reality! Less than a year ago, we were discussing how wonderful it would be it we had more space, etc., etc. Today the Lord has taken some small dreams and is making them into reality!! Thank you, Lord!!
- For protection. In the midst of a dangerous neighborhood, no one from Micah has been hurt. Praise the Lord for keeping us safe!!
- For the growth in the Micah Technical School. Brian Wiggs spends all day, most days of the week, on the terrace on the Micah House giving classes to the dozens of young men looking to learn a trade and turn their lives around. Praise God for blessing this ministry!!
- For people who lift us up when we are tired. Thank the Lord for, well, you! Let us praise Him for bringing people into our lives who pray for us and lift us up with encouraging words. It means more to us than you can ever know!!
-For Grupo Mama Jo!  This group of women comes to the Micah House every day to pratice their sewing skills and to find support and comfort in each other's presence.  One of them told us last week that she felt self-worth and a sense of purpose for the first time in her life through this ministry.

This year at Micah as seem some amazing blessings (David, Axelito, and Miguelito all leaving the streets - for starters) and has brought some difficult challenges. However, we are hopeful and excited about the future and we look forward to strongly finishing this year and, in the words of the Apostle Paul, "fighting the good fight" well past the start of the next year. Many thanks to all of you for your constant love and support!! God Bless!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

 Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Tegucigalpa, Honduras! We find ourselves at the start of another week here at Micah Project, with all the joys and pains of raising these young men. This past month has been a hard battle over the lives of these young men, and all of us are feeling the strain of constant spiritual warfare. However, our God is greater than any attackers, and we know that He will be victorious in the end. As we press on in this fight, we continue to bring our prayers and praises before our God. Please join us this week in prayer for:

* Northern Honduras
This past week, Hurricane Matthew passed through Honduras. While damage in Tegucigalpa was minimal, the Northern part of the country suffered the brunt of the storm's hit. There are few resources or government agencies to help those who have been hard-hit by the storm and damaged infrastructure will likely take some time to repair. Please be holding the people of this country, and especially of the North in your prayers.

* Hector, David, Miguelito, y Axelito
Our four youngest guys have been struggling in their fights against addiction and the urge to return to the streets. Each of these young men is very precious, and we love each one very dearly. Please hold them in constant prayer as they struggle and sometimes fail against strong foes.

* Axel Lopez
Axel is back home! However, he is still vulnerable to the same temptations that took him to the streets in the first place. Please be holding him in your prayers over the next week. Please especially pray that he is able to confront and defeat the pain of his past and find rest in God's healing.

* The Micah Staff
The past month has been filled with intense spiritual warfare, and we on the Micah staff are feeling the  strain  of constant spiritual attack. Please lifting us up in prayer while you also lift our guys up in prayer. We are confident that our God will win this battle, but it is a hard fight!!

* Also, let us turn to God and PRAISE!!
- For Axel Lopez's return! After many prayers and a lot of heartache, Axel is back home and once again moving forward is his journey from darkness in the light!
- The Bells are back! Rebecca and John Bell took some well-earned personal time and went to a friends wedding in Spain - and they're back with us! We're very excited about having them back!!
- For each of the lives in Micah Project! Yeison, Maycol, Axel, Pedro Luis, Wilmer, Yoel, Junior, Axelito, Nelson, Miguelito, Miguel Fugon...each one of these young men is a precious gift to us from God and we are grateful for them!!
- For God's strength. "You are stronger, much stronger...." says the worship song, and we rejoice in its truth. Our God is much, much stronger than any foe that wishes to attack our guys. Let us rejoice in and give praise over that fact!!

As a closing thought to our prayer request blog, let me leave you with Ephesians 3:20-21(ESV):
"Now to him who able to do far more abundantly more than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Jesus Christ throughout all generations, forever and ever, amen." Let us never cease to praise and rely on Him, brothers and sisters!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the entire Micah Project)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from yet another wet week here in Tegus! The missions teams have left, but the rains have decided to stay. Beside torrential tropical rains most days of the past week, we here at Micah have also been enduring waves of spiritual attack over the past month. Still, the Lord is giving us the strength to fight alongside of our guys in their battle for life. We continue to lift up the young men in our charge and are committed to fighting this battle with them. As we encourage them, please work with us and lift the following in prayer:

* Strength to continue to fight and humility to ask for help
Many of our guys have been struggling recently in their war against their old selves and past lives. Please be praying that they turn to us, and, more importantly, to the Lord for help in their battles. Please also pray that those who have stumbled would find healing in confession. Lastly, we ask you to be lifting us, the staff of Micah Project, up in prayer as we seek to safeguard and guide these young men.

* Bob and Jo Bewley
Long-time Micah friend and Micah Moms Ministry founder Jo Bewley has entered the final stages of her battle against terminal cancer. Please be lifting her and Bob up in prayer in this time.  Bob and "Mama Jo" have been a part of our family for a long time and they are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

* For the Micah Moms ministry
Even as Jo Bewley approaches the end of her time here on earth, the ministry founded by her is flourishing. The Micah Moms meet several times a week in Micah House in order to learn new sewing techniques and practice their new skills. Please be covering the future of this ministry in prayer as we look to expand it into a full-fledged micro-enterprise organization.  Also, two of the moms, Maria and Telma, have been suffering from severe illnesses; please pray for strength and healing in their lives.

* Axel Lopez
In a week of hard prayer requests and sad news, some of the hardest and saddest is the fact that Axel Lopez is still living outside of Micah House. We have received news that he has entered Covenant House, a large center for street youth, but it is unclear how long he plans to stay there. Please be fervently praying for this young man as he is clearly in the midst of an intense spiritual battle.

* And, even in the midst of battle, let us remember to Praise our Lord!!
- For the arrival of Megan Scheumann! Megan, a long-time friend of Micah Project, has just joined Micah staff full-time!! Megan will be working with the Micah Moms sewing ministry and seeking to expand and grow this vibrant ministry.
- For victories in this spiritual battle. Every smile, every good day, every step forward is a victory in the lives of our young men. Praise the Lord for bringing out the victory in their lives!! 
- For allies! The Lord has brought many faithful allies and friends into the lives of everyone here at Micah. Praise the Lord for bringing them (and all of you) to us - and thank you all very much!!

These past two weeks in Micah House have been hard and have seen several dark and intense battles over the lives of our young men. However, we know that we have the Lord God Almighty on our side in this battle and we know that He will prevail. Rise up, O Lord!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Axel should not be on the streets right now

Axel should not be on the streets right now. He should not be sleeping in a stall in the outdoor market that sells shoes by the putrid river that runs through Tegucigalpa. He shouldn't be crossing the bridge every day at lunch to beg food from the lunchtime crowd downtown. He should not be running with dangerous people, who make their living by the gun that they hide in their clothes. He should not be back on the streets.

He shouldn't, but he is.

Many of you have met Axel and have fallen in love with him since he joined the Micah Project in September of 2008. The Axel that you know is a lanky, goofy kid who is always quick with a joke or a prank. His chosen method of showing affection toward someone is through an insult... "Hey Michael, why are you so ugly today?" ...always delivered with a lopsided grin and an awkward hug from someone whose 14-year-old body is growing too quickly for him to get a handle on it. The Axel that you meet on a trip to Tegucigalpa is a funny, charming, easy-going young boy.

But that's not all there is to Axel. The reasons why he is back on the streets after two good years speak to a traumatized, angry soul. Earlier this summer, a psychologist from the juvenile prison came to visit the Micah Project. He recognized Axel and they spent some time chatting on the patio of the Micah House. Afterwards, the psychologist expressed shock as he spoke to me about Axel. This well-spoken young man was one of the most violent kids they had in juvenile detention. He couldn't believe it was the same boy. We got the same response when we talked to another street kid organization that he had lived in: they would no longer accept him into their program because of his violent tendencies.

That is not the Axel that we know! We know a loving, caring Axel who has a great thirst for justice and is always looking for ways to help the downtrodden. But wait...the reality is that both of these boys are the same Axel. The Apostle Paul says in Romans: "When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God's law; but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members." (Romans 7: 21-23). Axel's childhood was full of incredible, degraded evil, more evil than a young child should ever have to bear. His dad is in prison for gang-related violence, and Axel himself was a part of that violence while living on the streets.

Why is Axel back on the streets? That is a question that many people have asked me in the last month. The answer is complex. It could be the drugs that dig their pleasure-inducing claws into these young boys' addicted brains and just won't let go. It could be the hormones raging through his 14-year-old body, calling him back to the danger and excitement of street life, so much more interesting than his second grade classes at Micah. It could be the incredibly complex relationship he has with his mom and dad: hating them for what he had to live through as a child but loving them with a desperate love because...well, because they are his parents, after all. It could be spiritual warfare, with Satan redoubling his efforts to drag this child of God back into the slimy pit.

Every day that our boys are at Micah is a miracle. Choosing life is so much harder than accepting the alternative. It is so easy to slip back into the things of our past. Choosing the Micah Project is hard work for a street boy...they have to go to class, obey rules and continually delay the gratification that came so easily to them on the streets every time they inhaled a puff of yellow glue. Indeed, how crazy it is to ask a street boy to shut down those pleasure centers and to keep delaying gratification for ten years or so until they can graduate from high school! Moving forward in life is hard, hard work: it is so much easier on the streets to just get through the day.

But over and over again, boys come off the streets into the Micah House and make the choice to begin a new life. Their reasons why are diverse. Micah has an incredible staff that has made a commitment to be family for these boys, showing them what it means to be loved unconditionally. We disciple them daily, teaching them about a God who loves them and wants to save them from sin and death. We have an incredibly dedicated group of supporters that helps us provide for their needs on a daily basis, so that they lack nothing. We even make the effort to help their families, which is so important to them, even the ones that have a complicated relationship with their parents. We help them prepare for the future, providing all of the education and training necessary for them to become successful adults.

Even so, every day comes down to a choice between life and death. And not one of our incredibly dedicated staff members can make that choice for our boys. Each and every one of them has a daily choice to make. And, as we all know, sometimes it is easier, more fun and more exciting to choose old habits that lead to death.

So...Axel should not be on the streets today, but he is. He has left the Micah House twice in the last month. The longer he stays on the streets, the more he becomes like the old Axel: unable to control the anger that is just below the surface. Last week, when he came back to the house for a few days after three weeks on the streets, was very, very difficult. The happy, joking, goofy kid had been replaced by a rebellious, on-edge youth that always seemed ready to blow. And, since Monday, he is back on the streets.

All of our dedication, love and hope cannot save Axel. Why? Because no human being is capable of saving another human being. We'd love to have a magic formula to be able to automatically remove the street from our boys. Because we don't, we cry (to paraphrase Paul), "Who will rescue them from this body of death?" (Romans 7:24). Thankfully, Paul answers his own wrenching cry: "Thanks be to God-through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

And that is what it all boils down to. We can provide the best environment, with the best structure and the best people at the Micah Project, but none of that will save our boys. Only God saves. We strive for best practice day-to-day, but only God saves. We are getting ready to buy new land to provide a better environment for our boys in the years to come, but that will not save them either.

Only God saves.

That is a terrifying, but incredibly joyous truth. And it is a truth that we claim for Axel. Over the past few weeks, I spent many hours in the market district looking for Axel, and as I walked through that dangerous, impoverished section of this city I continually prayed, "Lord show your mighty hand in this young boy's life."

Will you join us in praying this prayer for Axel in the days to come? Not only for Axel, but for Hector, David, Miguel Angel, and Axelito...all of whom have to make a daily choice to leave the addiction of street life behind them. Your prayers are powerful and effective in their lives.

Over the last ten years, God has shown His mighty hand through the Micah Project in some miraculous ways. We are convinced that those miracles have as much to do with your prayers as with our daily actions in their lives. So... please continue to pray and to enlist other prayer warriors on behalf of these boys!

Su hermano en Cristo,

Michael Miller

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,
Greetings from another busy week here in Tegus!  On Monday we said goodbye to the group from Randolph Street Church in West Virginia and are now back on a more normal schedule.  We always love the time spent with our summer visitors, but now we'll be pushing toward the end of the Honduran school year in October, and it's good to be back in classes full-time.  This week, we ask you to join us in praying for:
* Michael
We were able to convince Michael to take some time away to decompress after a long summer, and we are now attempting to fill his shoes for this week.  Pray that he will have time to reflect and recharge, and that the rest of us will survive his absence!
* Miguelito
This young man has grown so much since coming into Micah in March. Even the loss of his mother to cancer two months ago didn't send him back to the streets. Still, he has his moments of struggle and he is walking through the natural grieving process. Please be praying particularly that he will be motivated and cooperative in his classes every morning as he is quickly learning to read and write, and that he will sleep better at night, as these seem to be two battles for him right now.
* Wisdom and Compassion
Life at Micah is a whirlwind of young men laughing, living, struggling, and growing up together. In the midst of so much craziness (although most of it is pretty funny and enjoyable), it can be easy to slip into a routine instead of striving to be Christ to all people. Please pray for the Micah staff so that we can continue to love well in the midst of all that happens here. Please also pray for our guys that they can continue to grow and show Christ's love to each other.
* And, of course, let us PRAISE!!
- For the lives of each of these young men. The Lord has lovingly brought each one of them to the Micah Project for a reason. Let us praise Him for moving and working so wondrously!!
- For the continuing impact of each of Micah's ministries. Ten years after a single house opened its doors to a handful of young men, Micah has two homes, a street ministry, a Micah moms group, a thriving group of college students and graduates, and a technical school!  Praise the Lord for working so mightily!!!
- For the continued financial support of our donors -- none of this could happen without their partnership with us in this ministry.  Praise God for raising up so many faithful people to support us!
The road forward for each of these guys is long and has many hills and valleys.  Still, the Lord has continually shown Himself faithful.  His mercy has sustained us, and He has taken street children and grown them into inspiring God-loving young men.  As we move through the coming week, let us not cease to praise Him for all of these things!!
David Hawthorne (on behalf of the entire Micah Project

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

 Buenos Dias!

Greetings from Tegucigalpa!  It has been a busy summer for the Micah Project, as we have hosted several teams.  Despite the busy-ness, though, we remember that our most important daily job is covering our boys and staff in prayer.  This week, please pray for:

* Axel Lopez
Despite several conversations with Axel on the streets, this young man continues to live outside of Micah. Please pray that the Lord changes his heart and that we are able to reach out to him once again.

* The three youngest Micah guys

David, Axelito, and Miguelito are all continuing to show signs of drug urges. Miguelito actually ran away last Wednesday for the morning in order to use drugs. Although he returned to Micah after just a few hours, we are continuing to watch and pray over our three newest guys. Please pray that they are able to fight against the powerful urges to return to using yellow glue and continue pressing on ahead.

*Health for Micah staff
Becca and Jenna are sick this week; please pray that the Lord would protect them and restore them to health!

* A New Micah House
With violence and drug abuse rising in the neighborhood, we are looking for some property outside of the city for a new group home. We've decided on a community into which we can move, and are looking at various pieces of property. Please be praying for this exciting process, for the planning of a capital campaign, and for God's hand to be on the entire process.  

*And, we want to take time to Praise!!
- For the continued growth in the three newest Micah guys. Although they are struggling, David, Miguelito, and Axelito are continuing to grow! Praise God for each of these young lives!!
- For the growth in all our guys. From Wilmer telling his testimony to the rapping of Brian Chavez, we are grateful to see God working in the hearts of our guys.
- For God's strength. This has been an intense and tiring summer, but we have been able to survive and thrive by the grace of our God. Thank you, Lord!!

Our God is merciful and gives us everything that we need to do everything that He has called us to do. We are grateful to Him for providing so bountifully and to you for walking this trying and exciting path with us. Until next week!

David Hawthorne

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New logo for a new decade

In January, the Micah Project celebrated our tenth anniversary. This has given us the opportunity to reflect on the amazing ways that God has worked through this ministry over the years…and to be THANKFUL to Him! But this milestone has also caused us to look forward and to seek His will for the next decade of ministry. 2010 has seen the inauguration of the Micah Project technical school, which is led by Brian Wiggs. We have also begun plans for Micah 2.0…a new-and-improved Micah House that will provide the space to take boys off the streets and raise them in a more intentional way.

Above:  First group of Micah boys in 2000.  Top row:  Miguel (currently working in Tegucigalpa), Danilo (currently studying in a Honduran seminary), Marvin (2009 graduate from Missouri Baptist University), Jarvin (studying psychology in Costa Rica); Bottom row:  David (studying psychology in Costa Rica), Olvin (will graduate from the University of Houston in December) and Tino (graduated from MBU in 2009).

With these exciting new directions in ministry, we felt that we needed a new logo to express in a fresh way the vision of the Micah Project. While we have lovingly retired our first logo which was created by Aminah (Al-Attas) Bradford, we are very excited by the new logo created by Jenna Miller. This is what Jenna has to say about the new logo:

When thinking about the design for the new Micah Project logo, a hundred different ideas ran through my head. The final design, however, I feel best captures the ideals and goals of the Micah Project and thus symbolizes what we represent.

Most importantly, the cross is in the center as the base of the tree, reminding everyone that looks at it that Christ is the center and the reason the Micah Project exists. The cross symbolizes Christ’s ultimate sacrifice of love for us, and inspires us to love others in the same sacrificial way. But this cross, as you can see, has new branches growing out of it, reminding us that Jesus did not stay dead on that cross. His death on the cross gave way to the most excellent miracle of all time – the Resurrection! At the Micah Project, our purpose is to see the truth of “life-out-of-death” in each and every person we minister to. We see Christ’s resurrecting power each time He calls a young man to come off of the streets and out of addiction into a new life of hope and purpose. We see it every time a child who was doomed to be a “nothing” graduates from college. The Micah Project is a place of new beginnings, of second chances, of “resurrections” if you will. And each leaf on the tree represents one of the many miracles we have had the privilege to be a part of. And, just like a tree, the Micah Project is always growing and changing. The project has several branches of ministry all working together as one whole as we seek to live out our mission of forming Christian leaders in Honduras.

We thank you all for helping to nurture and grow this tree as it continues to flourish in this new decade of ministry! Please pray for discernment as we seek God’s will for the new Micah House. And, please keep praying for our young men by name as they begin to produce great fruit in God’s kingdom!

Muchas gracias,

Michael Miller
Executive Director

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from yet another rainy week in Tegucigalpa! I (David Hawthorne) have just returned from a trip alongside of several older Micah guys and participants in the Micah technical school into the Honduran mountains.  There, we were blessed enough to accompany the Gracepoint Church from Portland, Oregon and to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ by helping construct a small church in a remote mountain village. However, life in Teguz wasn't any less stressful, even with over half the guys gone. Little Hector contracted a bad case of hemorrhagic dengue fever, which put him in serious condition and left him in the hospital for several days. Thankfully, though, Hector has been released from the hospital and has returned to his normal goofy self! Additionally, we are grateful for our safe return to Tegucigalpa and are looking forward to having a good week here at home! Please join us this week in praising God for a safe trip and Hector's return home and in praying the following requests:

* Safety and tranquility in the neighborhood
In the aftermath of the fatal shooting in front of John and Rebecca Bell's apartment last week, rumors and threats have been swirling in our barrio. Several of the most prominent gangs members have temporarily left the area for their own safety and there is a great deal of uncertainty hovering in the air. Please be praying that there are no further killings and that peace will come to our barrio. Also, please be praying that we, as Christians, are able to be lights and peacemakers in this troubled barrio.

* Planning for the new Micah House
Even as we seek to be lights in the darkness of a crime-filled neighborhood, we are continuing to seek a safer area were we can raise the Micah guys while retaining our current house as an outreach center. Please be praying for this exciting process as we look for land and begin envisioning a capital campaign!

* The visiting missions team from Gracepoint Church
After spending last week in Gracias, Honduras (about nine hours outside of Tegus) with several Micah guys and Micah Technical School students, the Gracepoint missions team is now here in Tegus! They'll be continuing the repainting of the Micah House interior as well as putting a new roof on the Timothy House. Please be praying that the Gracepoint group has a blessed week of ministry, that we are able to teach them about life here in Tegus, and that they have safe travels here in Honduras!

* Future Plans for older Micah graduates 
Daniel, who is currently attending Central America's leading agricultural engineering school, is looking to start a six-month internship, possibly as far away as England! Please be praying for wisdom as he starts the planning process. Also, please be praying for Olvin Funez, Marvin Morazan and Danilo Guevara as they start looking into their futures beyond school and graduation!

* And, let us not forget to PRAISE!!
-  For Marvin Morazan's and Olvin Funez's visits to home. As Marvin heads to Costa Rica and Olvin to Houston, Texas, we want to express our gratitude to both of these young men for being marvelous examples of God's love for our younger guys. Praise God for bringing them this far and praise Him for using them to minister to the newest generations of Micah guys!
- For God's faithfulness in providing for us here at Micah. Even though sometimes finances can be tight, our God has always provided for us and we have never gone hungry! Praise and thank for Him for being so generous with His blessings!!

As always, it is my privilege to bring to you the prayer request of the Micah Project and to share just a small glimpse into our weekly lives. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, support and love. They are greatly appreciated!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekly prayer requests

Dear friends,

Greetings from rainy Tegucigalpa.  We had a wonderful week last week with the youth group from the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church of Houston!   We were able to continue to build the retaining wall around the Villa Linda Miller school, repaint the Micah House and participate in street ministry with the group.

This week, we have a few prayer requests that we'd like to share with you:

1.  14 year-old Hector (right) has contracted dengue fever and has been in bed with a high fever for four days.  Dengue has reached epidemic proportions in Honduras this rainy season.  It is a mosquito-borne disease similar to Malaria, and can be dangerous if not treated.  We're keeping a close eye on him!

2.  Most of our older boys are in western Honduras with Brian Wiggs and a group from his church in Portland, Oregon.  They are helping a Honduran pastor named Victor Almendares build a church that he planted in an indigenous village.  Pray for safety, health and unity as the group and our boys work to advance God's kingdom!

3.  A young man in our neighborhood was shot and killed on the steps of our missionary apartment building last Thursday, just three minutes after Becca and John entered the building.  Please pray for the continued safety of our staff and boys in a situation of increasing violence and instability in our area.

4.  We have begun a process of searching for a property to build a new Micah House, in part because of the situation above.  After ten years in our current home, we have initiated a plan to build a new facility that would promote our boys' success in a more intentional way.  For our new generation of boys, which has come from harder backgrounds and more time on the streets, we firstly need some outdoor space, where they can kick a soccer ball around and burn off their boundless energy.   Our new house also needs a better kitchen, appropriate living space for group home parents, more storage, and a larger communal space for meetings and worship times.   We have been looking at a property out by the Villa Linda Miller neighborhood...a twenty minute drive from our current location.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we begin this huge transition in our ministry!

(Above:  this burro stands guard on a piece of property that we are looking at for the new Micah House!)

We have posted our summer letter and a new photo album on our website, which you can access at  We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support in our eleventh year of ministry!

Su hermano en Cristo,

Michael Miller

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

 Dear family and friends,

 Summertime is officially upon us! Here in Honduras, the summer months bring a lot of rain and guests. However, we are happy to be getting some needed rain and are even happier about hosting our friends from the U.S.! Still, this week will be a week of preparation and finalizing details for an upcoming month packed with visiting groups. While we are gearing up for the busy month ahead of us (and trying to stay dry at the same time), please be praying for us in the following ways:

* Marvin
Last week, we were very saddened to hear that this young man had run away from the drug rehabilitation center where he was about to complete the first month of a six-month program. We have just heard from Marvin, who is living with a family next to the market district of Tegucigalpa. Please be praying that the Lord breaks down the barriers that this young man has placed in his heart and that he comes to a place of true brokenness. Only the Lord can break through the layers of anger and addiction that Marvin uses to protect himself and only the Lord can save him from the dark road that he is choosing.

 *Miguel Angel
This young man continues to mourn the harsh loss of his mother to cancer. Please hold him and his family in your prayers and please continue to pray that we are able to comfort him in his time of grieving.

* The upcoming missions teams visits
Micah will be hosting three groups in the month of July. Please be praying that these trips will be a time of blessing for our guests and for us as well! Please pray that the Lord empowers the teams in their work and they have wonderful visits. Please also pray for us as we seek to teach the teams and be good hosts.

 * The new Micah house
We are starting the initial phase of our five-year strategic plan! The decision has been made to start looking for a piece of property in a community next to the Villa Linda Miller, about six miles from our current house. We have spoken with the community leaders and are starting to visit various properties in the Rio Abajo community. Please pray that Lord has His hand on this whole process and that we would have His wisdom as we seek to expand into the Micah Project's future!

* And, in the midst of many activities and concerns, we must always PRAISE! 
- For the return of Marvin Morazan. Marvin is out of school for the next two weeks, and we are very, very glad to have him here with us!! He is a wonderful role model for the younger guys and always brings a happy energy into the home!!
- For David, Axelito, and Miguelito. These three young men have come off of the streets within the past three months and have yet to look back! Praise God for the progress in the lives of each of these young men!!
- For the continued growth of Brian Wiggs' technical school!  Brian is training almost 20 young men in a technical education.
- For safe travels for the guys this past weekend. Roger and two of our college graduates (Darwin and Oscar) took the guys to the Honduran countryside for a weekend outside the city. Praise God that the guys had a good trip and safety on the road.

Many thanks to the many of you who support and pray for us! Also, thank you for your continued interest in our lives and ministry. Our God has greatly blessed us, and we are grateful!!

David Hawthorne

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

After a busy and fun week hosting the First Presbyterian Church missions team from Houston, we are once again heading into a week of classes and "normal" life. As we transition from the activity of a group into our class schedule, please be praying for us in the following ways:

* Miguel Angel
Please continue to hold this young man in your prayers this week as he mourns the loss of his mother last week. This has been an incredibly trying time for 12-year-old Miguel Angel and will most likely continue to be so for a while. Please pray for him and for us as we journey with him through his grieving process.

* Hector and Marvin
Both of these young men are continuing to do well and are pushing ahead in their fights to leave drugs and the streets behind them. Still, they are vulnerable to falling into temptation. Please pray that Hector continues to grow and fight temptation and that Marvin continues to thrive during his six-month-long treatment in drug rehabilitation.

* For our college graduates
Pray for Oscar and Tino as they look for jobs here in Tegucigalpa.  Tino has been looking for work since he moved back to Tegucigalpa in 2009 and Oscar since moving back this month after graduating from Missouri Baptist University.  We are very thankful for some businessmen in Tegucigalpa who have expressed interest in mentoring these young men!

* For strength, energy, and wisdom for the Micah staff
Yes, we are human! Please hold us in your prayers as we pour ourselves out for these young men. It is not always easy and we are often tired, but we all know that this is the ministry that God has placed before each one of us. Please especially pray for energy and patience. Thank you!!

* And, of course, no blog would be complete without PRAISE! Praise God:
- For Marvincito. This young man is flourishing in drug rehab. Praise God for changing his heart and making this step possible and for continuing to work in Marvin's heart. Also, praise God that Marvin has already complete three weeks at Proyecto Victoria!!
- For a wonderful visit from First Presbyterian. The FPC missions trip was a fun blessing for all of us here at Micah. Praise God that they had a good trip and praise Him for giving us such wonderful friends!
- For a wonderful group of supporters. Every time that we here in Micah feel dry, someone comes alongside of us and encourages us. Praise God for providing us with people who will support us in the tough times!

Muchas gracias,

 David Hawthorne

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prayer Request

   Dear Friends and Family,

 Rather than posting a long blog this week, I  would simply like to ask you to please be praying for little Miguel Angel, whose mother (far right) passed away today. This is a horrible blow for any 12-year-old, and especially so for one already wounded by life on the streets. Please lift him and his family up in prayer this week. Thank you.

   Lord Have Mercy,
   David Hawthorne


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Family and Friends,

This week's prayer requests:

* John Bell's Sunday night devotional series.
Micah missionary and chaplain John Bell has just started a new teaching series on grace and salvation for our Sunday night devotional meetings. Please be praying that the powerful message of God's grace will touch the hearts of the Micah guys and bring about spiritual revival here in Micah house.

* Marvin and Hector
Marvin has already made it through his first week of drug rehab while Hector has successfully re-integrated into Micah life after spending weeks on the streets. Please continue to pray for both of these boys; especially that they would both continue to leave their old lives far behind as they press forward.

* Miguel Angel's mother
Kenia Gonzalez continues to be very ill and Miguel Angel is continuing to visit her on a regular basis. Please be praying for healing, and for wisdom on our part as we prepare to walk the paths of grief with Miguel. Please also be praying that Kenia will come to faith as she battles her cancer and that she and Miguel will both come to share an eternal bond of faith in Jesus Christ through this trying experience.

* Upcoming visits
As we enter summer, please be praying for the several upcoming visits from various supporting churches. Please be praying for blessed visits; especially that the Lord would use the missions teams, teach them through their experiences here in Honduras, and empower them to minister here at the Micah Project.

- For Oscar Izaguirre's transition back to Honduras after having successfully completed four years of college in the U.S. Please pray that he will able to to quickly and relatively painlessly transition back into life in his home country and to find a good job!
- For the Wiggs family as they come back to Honduras after some well-earned rest. Please simply pray for a smooth transition back into Micah life for their entire family.

* And, of course, PRAISES!!!
- Marvin and Hector. We are incredibly grateful for the positive decisions made by these two young men! Praise God that Marvin has stuck with drug rehab for the rough first week and that Hector is once again his normal goofy self as he plays soccer in the patio of Micah House.

- For the steady growth in the lives of the Micah guys. Although raising these young men can be difficult at times, we are always willing to rejoice in the progress that we see in their lives. Praise God for bringing each one to us and for growing them into men who have the potential to impact Honduras!

Peace be with you,
David Hawthorne

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from a soggy Tegucigalpa! Tropical Storm Agatha has just passed by, leaving behind mudslides, some flooding, and a lot of clean-up to do. Thankfully, it appears that relatively few lives were lost to the storm here in Honduras. Today, in the Micah House, we are grateful for the opportunity to get outside without getting soaked by the rain and for the slowly clearing streets. As we dry out, we would like to take this time to ask you to join us in praying for the following:

* Kenia Gonzalez
Miguel Angel's mother has shown some slight improvement over the course of the past week, but still remains gravely ill. The doctors have decided to treat the secondary issues related to the cancer (such as kidney failure), but to not pursue any course of anti-cancer treatment. Please be praying for Miguel Angel, for Kenia, and for Micah staffers Rebecca Bell and Ana Herman as they walk this difficult road with Kenia, Miguel Angel, and the rest of their family. We would also like to give thanks to Jan Parks for her advice in how to help Miguel Angel through this trying time and ask for prayers for wisdom.

* Marvin and Hector
Tuesday morning, Marvin is starting a six-month drug rehab program in order to confront his drug issues while Hector is moving back into Micah House. Hector will be facing several conditions upon his return while Marvin will be confronted with the tough course of rehabilitation from drug addiction. Please be praying for both of this young men as they start, once again, their long journeys away from drugs and the streets and into life.

* For all those affected by the rains
The recent heavy rainfall has caused flooded and road closures. While we are grateful that the damage was not worse, we ask you to be praying for those who are being affected by the storm and its aftermath. We also ask you to be praying for Guatemala and for the families who lost loved ones in the storm (the official death toll stands at 115 for Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras).

* And, time to PRAISE!!
 - For Marvin and Hector. The Lord is working in the hearts of these two boys! Let us praise Him for working even as we pray that they continue in their forward journeys.
- For Mary Floye's visit. Mary Floye, a dear friend of the Micah Project, has spent the last few days visiting us and encouraging us! We give thanks and praise for Mary Floye and for our other many friends!
- For signs of God's hand moving in the hearts of the Micah guys. From one young man's prayer to another's question about future college studies, we are seeing signs of the Lord moving these boys from the street and into the next generation of leaders!

Despite the hustle and bustle and the constant challenges, it is truly our pleasure to be serving here in Honduras and with Micah Project. We praise God for the many of you who support us financially and with prayers. Thank you!!

Peace be with you,
David Hawthorne

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

What a journey these past few weeks have been for us!! Both Michael and I (David Hawthorne) have returned from our trips to the U.S. in the past couple of weeks. The Wiggs family finished their first stretch at Micah strongly as they hosted a missions team and then left for some well-earned rest until returning to Honduras on June 8.  As we head into another week here at Micah, we ask you to be praying for us in the following areas:

* Marvin and Hector
Both of our young prodigals have continued to struggle over the past week. However, we are now beginning to see a few glimmers of hope for them. Hector has been staying with father and letting his system cleanse himself of the glue while deciding what to do with his future. Marvin came to Micah today and has agreed to enter the Proyecto Victoria drug rehab facility next Tuesday. Please be praying for both of these boys and that they continue their journey from the streets back into life.

* Miguel Angel's Mother
Kenia, the mother of Miguel Angel (one of the newest Micah guys), was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. Because she lacked the financial resources to be tested before we got to know her a few weeks ago, the cancer is very advanced and she is in critical condition. Please be praying for her and for Miguel Angel as well as for us we walk through this time with them.

* Spiritual growth in the lives of the Micah guys
As we work with the Micah guys, we are aware it is the Lord working in their hearts that produces real change. We ask you to please be praying that the Lord continues working here at Micah and changing our guys' hearts into those of the future leaders of Honduras.

*And, my favorite part to write, the PRAISES!!
- For safe travels for both Michael and myself. We are also grateful that the Wiggs are enjoying their time in the U.S.
-For the technical school!  The second phase of our technical school, a carpentry workshop, is almost completed on the terrace of the Micah House.
- For Marvin and Hector. Although the glimmers are small, we are seeing hope for these young men. Praise God for working in their hardened hearts!
- For the rest of the Micah guys. Although their process toward healing and adulthood can be long and include setbacks, we are incredibly grateful for each of the young lives that God has brought under our care!
- For friends and family who continually encourage us and  urge us onward in our fight for the souls of these young men.

Another week is passing, and we are in the midst of this ever-continuing battle. Still, we are grateful for the support of all of you, and for the power of our God as He works here at Micah Project. Our God is mighty to save and we are confident that He will keep doing so in the hearts of every single Micah guy!!

Peace be with you,
David Hawthorne

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Micah Project Charles Alford Memorial Golf Tournament

On April 23, 114 golfers and many volunteers gathered at the Kingwood Country Club north of Houston for the Second Annual Charles Alford Memorial Golf Tournament to support the Micah Project.  The day started out with threatening, low-lying clouds and rain, but by tee-time, the course was awash in Spring sunshine!  Thanks to our volunteers, sponsors and golfers, the day was a huge success!  Click on the pictures below to see the larger version.

Below:  Micah boy Oscar Amaya takes a swing at the ball.   

The Alford family has been an important part of the Micah family for many years.   Their son Charles, who passed away in February 2009 in an automobile accident,  was practically a Micah boy, as he joined his family every summer in Honduras on a weeklong mission's trip.  It is so appropriate--and such an honor--that a tournament dedicated to supporting the work of the Micah Project be named after such a compassionate and dear young man.

Below:  Mary, Gene and John Alford pose at the clubhouse before the tournament begins.

Below:  Tina and Jeremy Summers pose with a friend during lunch before the tournament.   Tina and Jeremy spent months planning the tournament, and their attention to detail made for an incredible day!

Below:  I pose in the clubhouse with Micah boys Olvin Funez and Oscar Amaya.  Olvin is a senior at the University of Houston and Oscar is beginning his college career at the Houston Community College.

Above:  the golfers get ready to go after a great lunch!  Below:  Micah Project board member Chris Herbold gets ready for a long drive.  Not sure if he needed a mulligan for this one!

Above:  John Alford brought some friends with him for the tournament.  Below:  Pastors and friends from the First Presbyterian Church of Houston also joined us for the event.

We are so grateful to all of those who spent the day with us!  Your support helps us to take kids off the streets of Honduras and help them men that God wants them to be.

Both lunch and dinner were proved by the Lighthouse Charity Team, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals for charity events.  They do incredible work!  Both lunch and dinner were delicious.  Above:  the Lighthouse team serves dinner.  Below:  we enjoyed that dinner!

After dinner, we gathered together in the clubhouse for an awards ceremony, an auction, some words about the Micah Project and some great music.  Above:  Jeremy Summers hands out the trophies to the best team.  Below:  some items are displayed for the silent auction.  Thanks to all who donated items for the auction!

Above:  Micah board members Carol and Bill Marshall, and Mary Floye Federer volunteered at the golf tournament.  Below:  Becca and Chris Herbold played a huge role in planning the golf tournament.

Below:  we are so grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for making the golf tournament possible.  Each and every one of the Micah boys is blessed by your efforts!  We hope to see all of you in Honduras so that you can see for yourself what God is doing through the Micah Project!