Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Micah Project Charles Alford Memorial Golf Tournament

On April 23, 114 golfers and many volunteers gathered at the Kingwood Country Club north of Houston for the Second Annual Charles Alford Memorial Golf Tournament to support the Micah Project.  The day started out with threatening, low-lying clouds and rain, but by tee-time, the course was awash in Spring sunshine!  Thanks to our volunteers, sponsors and golfers, the day was a huge success!  Click on the pictures below to see the larger version.

Below:  Micah boy Oscar Amaya takes a swing at the ball.   

The Alford family has been an important part of the Micah family for many years.   Their son Charles, who passed away in February 2009 in an automobile accident,  was practically a Micah boy, as he joined his family every summer in Honduras on a weeklong mission's trip.  It is so appropriate--and such an honor--that a tournament dedicated to supporting the work of the Micah Project be named after such a compassionate and dear young man.

Below:  Mary, Gene and John Alford pose at the clubhouse before the tournament begins.

Below:  Tina and Jeremy Summers pose with a friend during lunch before the tournament.   Tina and Jeremy spent months planning the tournament, and their attention to detail made for an incredible day!

Below:  I pose in the clubhouse with Micah boys Olvin Funez and Oscar Amaya.  Olvin is a senior at the University of Houston and Oscar is beginning his college career at the Houston Community College.

Above:  the golfers get ready to go after a great lunch!  Below:  Micah Project board member Chris Herbold gets ready for a long drive.  Not sure if he needed a mulligan for this one!

Above:  John Alford brought some friends with him for the tournament.  Below:  Pastors and friends from the First Presbyterian Church of Houston also joined us for the event.

We are so grateful to all of those who spent the day with us!  Your support helps us to take kids off the streets of Honduras and help them men that God wants them to be.

Both lunch and dinner were proved by the Lighthouse Charity Team, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meals for charity events.  They do incredible work!  Both lunch and dinner were delicious.  Above:  the Lighthouse team serves dinner.  Below:  we enjoyed that dinner!

After dinner, we gathered together in the clubhouse for an awards ceremony, an auction, some words about the Micah Project and some great music.  Above:  Jeremy Summers hands out the trophies to the best team.  Below:  some items are displayed for the silent auction.  Thanks to all who donated items for the auction!

Above:  Micah board members Carol and Bill Marshall, and Mary Floye Federer volunteered at the golf tournament.  Below:  Becca and Chris Herbold played a huge role in planning the golf tournament.

Below:  we are so grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for making the golf tournament possible.  Each and every one of the Micah boys is blessed by your efforts!  We hope to see all of you in Honduras so that you can see for yourself what God is doing through the Micah Project!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes, you just can't say no

     After several weeks, two new Micah guys, the return of a prodigal son, and a visiting group, we are once again returning to posting our weekly prayer requests. As always, while it is a challenge to be in this fight, it is also a rewarding and amazing process to see these young lives grow. For this week's prayer requests, we have written a photo update which beautifully captures the struggle between light and dark that each of our young men faces.   We ask you to pray for these young lives and us as we seek to minister to them. Thank you!!
  David Hawthorne (for the Micah Project)

Sometimes, you just can't say no...

We have known little Axel (above) for over a year. His dad passed away when he was a little boy, and when his mom was shot by gang members when she was just 19, it doomed this little boy to a life on the streets. He grew up in a shack under a bridge in the market area with his alcoholic grandfather, but soon, the streets became his real home.

...when children are choosing between darkness and light...

11 year old Axel inhales his yellow glue down by the river that runs through Tegucigalpa. ~March 2010.

...we pray for them and love on them...

John Bell loves on Edwin and little Axel down in the market area during a street outreach. ~March 2010

...until light wins... 

Axel joined the Micah Project on March 24, 2010. The following day he went with the whole project and the youth group from the Central Presbyterian Church to Amapala Island (above).

...but sometimes God's numbers aren't our numbers...

Axel wasn't the only child to leave the streets in March. Miguel Angel (above) also moved into the Micah House! He and little Axel were partners in crime (literally) on the streets and both showed up at the Micah House many times with their bottles of yellow glue.

...and we just can't say no.

This 12 year-old suffered mightily while on the streets and is just beginning his healing process. It is a joy to see him change day-by-day at the Micah House! Above, he also joined the Micah Project on our trip to Amapala Island on March 25.

But when they keep choosing darkness...

Marvincito left the Micah Project in February, chased out onto the streets once again by the demons of his past. Above: Marvin showed up to our street kid soccer with his bottle of yellow glue on March 19. To read Becca's account of what happened next, click here.

...we strive to keep hope alive for them...

Brian and Natasha Wiggs made a huge decision after seeing Marvin with his bottle of yellow glue: they invited him into their home to begin his healing process over again. On March 20, we picked him up off the streets and took him to their home. For the time being, the Micah House is not the best place for him, but for now, we are so thankful that the Wiggs are providing a safe place for him. Above: his old smile is back as he watches TV at the Wiggs.

...even so, others choose to keep saying no to us...

For over two years, we have tried to convince Jose Daniel (left) to leave the streets and join the Micah Project. The answer has always been no. He still happily participates in our weekly street ministry, but he is unwilling to make the decision to leave his addiction behind him.

...despite the love we lavish upon them.

Brian Wiggs loves on Jose Daniel during a street outreach on March 23.

But when light wins...

These five are part of the new generation of Micah boys! From left to right: David, Miguel Angel, Miguel Angel (yes, there are two with the same name!), Hector and Nelson. They might be short in stature, but they are strong in hope! ~March 2010

...and love conquers evil...

Jeferson hugs a toddler while serving food at our Friday night street kid soccer ministry. Jeferson is living at the Leadership House and will graduate from high school this November! ~March 2010 brings us joy and laughter in the midst of the battle...

Micah Project friend Bob Bewley bought new mattresses for the Micah House to replace our worn old ones. Before we gave the old ones away to their families, the guys incorporated them into their soccer games on the patio of the Micah House! Here, Hector dives for a soccer ball and prepares for a soft landing! ~March 2010

...and it sure is good to have friends join us on the journey...

22 members of the Central Presbyterian Church youth group joined the Micah Project for a week of service in March. Here, they pose with Tegucigalpa in the background. help us build hope, block by block...

Central's youth group raised funds to continue the construction of the school in the Villa Linda Miller community. Here, some of the group members work on the perimeter wall of the school while others paint the new second floor classrooms!

...and to spread the good news that only God saves...

Our current generation of rappers, the Lil Micahs, was interviewed by the "MTV" of Honduras, a show called Zona Musical, for their spring break special on March 26. They are planning to produce a music video of the guys' song, La Calle de Dolor. Here, Brian, Wilmer and Cristofer were able to be witnesses to the truth that saved them while interviewed by the host of the show!

...and He is mighty in battle!