Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

What a journey these past few weeks have been for us!! Both Michael and I (David Hawthorne) have returned from our trips to the U.S. in the past couple of weeks. The Wiggs family finished their first stretch at Micah strongly as they hosted a missions team and then left for some well-earned rest until returning to Honduras on June 8.  As we head into another week here at Micah, we ask you to be praying for us in the following areas:

* Marvin and Hector
Both of our young prodigals have continued to struggle over the past week. However, we are now beginning to see a few glimmers of hope for them. Hector has been staying with father and letting his system cleanse himself of the glue while deciding what to do with his future. Marvin came to Micah today and has agreed to enter the Proyecto Victoria drug rehab facility next Tuesday. Please be praying for both of these boys and that they continue their journey from the streets back into life.

* Miguel Angel's Mother
Kenia, the mother of Miguel Angel (one of the newest Micah guys), was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. Because she lacked the financial resources to be tested before we got to know her a few weeks ago, the cancer is very advanced and she is in critical condition. Please be praying for her and for Miguel Angel as well as for us we walk through this time with them.

* Spiritual growth in the lives of the Micah guys
As we work with the Micah guys, we are aware it is the Lord working in their hearts that produces real change. We ask you to please be praying that the Lord continues working here at Micah and changing our guys' hearts into those of the future leaders of Honduras.

*And, my favorite part to write, the PRAISES!!
- For safe travels for both Michael and myself. We are also grateful that the Wiggs are enjoying their time in the U.S.
-For the technical school!  The second phase of our technical school, a carpentry workshop, is almost completed on the terrace of the Micah House.
- For Marvin and Hector. Although the glimmers are small, we are seeing hope for these young men. Praise God for working in their hardened hearts!
- For the rest of the Micah guys. Although their process toward healing and adulthood can be long and include setbacks, we are incredibly grateful for each of the young lives that God has brought under our care!
- For friends and family who continually encourage us and  urge us onward in our fight for the souls of these young men.

Another week is passing, and we are in the midst of this ever-continuing battle. Still, we are grateful for the support of all of you, and for the power of our God as He works here at Micah Project. Our God is mighty to save and we are confident that He will keep doing so in the hearts of every single Micah guy!!

Peace be with you,
David Hawthorne