Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Our missionary Jenna Miller has written an update about our troubled young man named Marvincito who has been on and off the streets.  You can read it at the link below; it will help you know how to pray for him!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

 Buenos días,

  This week will bring about another important change in the lives of all those who live in the Micah House:  we have accepted another child from the street into our family! We have spent the past year or so building a relationship with 13 year old David, and now he has made the decision to step off of the streets and onto the path towards the future. As we anticipate this change and prepare ourselves for this week, please join us in prayer. This week, we especially lift up:

* David
Please be praying for little David and his transition into Micah house.   Pray that he will be able to resist the urge to use yellow glue through the detox process.  Pray that our other guys will continue to accept and support him, especially during those times when the desire to consume creates great anxiety.   (Below:  David holds his bottle of yellow glue in the market district of Tegucigalpa).

* The school year
We are finally back the blessed routine of our school year as classes began again in last week.  Please pray that your guys are all able to dedicate themselves to classes and that they have a hunger to learn.  Also, please that we are able to teach them well and that the Lord is continually glorified in this year both inside and outside of the classroom.

* Axel and David
Ok, THIS time I am talking about "our" Axel and myself. At the end of the week, I'll be traveling with Axel and his family to Guatemala. We have an appointment with a medical center in the city of Antigua in order to have Axel's arm and his brother Julio's foot examined (Axel's arm was broken and never healed, and 10 year old Julio's foot was run over by a bus). If all goes well, they'll both have corrective surgery this coming Monday. Please pray for safe and smooth travels, for the guys' surgery, for a quick recovery, and for incident-free travel across the border.

* Strength
Please pray for refreshment, both spiritual and physical, for an extra dose of mercy and love and for the grace of God to shine in our lives as we put in long days and nights in our effort to raise these boys in a way that pleases their heavenly Father. In our weakness, He is strong!!

* And, of course, we shouldn't forget to: PRAISE!!
- For Jeremy's arrival. Jeremy Tolleson was a HNGR intern with Micah in 2003.  He worked as a soccer coach and player for several years before heeding the call to return to Honduras.  Jeremy will be living in our Leadership House (until the name change - more on that in a moment), assisting Marlon Castellanos in his duties regarding the care of the guys who live there. We are very excited about having Jeremy here!!
- For new visions. While we have been rejoicing over the new Technical School (Brian gave his first class today - clutch repair on Micah's pick-up truck), we are also moving forward in other areas. For example, we are changing the name of Leadership House to "Timothy House." We are excited about how the this new name and its implications will challenge the young men who live their lives after the model set down by the Biblical Timothy. This is truly an exciting time to be here at Micah!

Below:  Brian Wiggs (under car) teaches four street boys how to change a clutch on a manual transition.

- For the grace of God in meeting the challenges of each new day. Our God is faithful and good, and we should praise Him for it!!

As always, we give thanks to God for you and your constant support. As we push ahead into the next few years of ministry and raising up the newest generation of Micah guys, we look forward to partnering with you and in sharing the challenges of the future. God bless!!

 David Hawthorne

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

We are looking ahead to starting classes in the latter part of the week and are slowly moving over to our school schedule. While the guys are adjusting to an earlier schedule, the staff is planning classes and gathering supplies. It's an exciting week of change, and one that we wish to lay at the week of our God. Please join with me in prayer for:

* A new school year
 This week marks the start of another school year here at Micah. The staff is preparing lesson plans and gearing up for the next several months of teaching while the guys are purchasing their school uniforms and handling their own preparations. Please pray that this year goes smoothly, that the guys apply themselves to their studies, and that we are able to continue showing God's love through classes and homework.

* The technical school
 These past two weeks, Brian Wiggs and a variety of helpers have been constructing the first stage of the Micah Technical School right here on the terrace of Micah house. Brian and company have been constructing a small workplace for metalworking and carpentry on our rooftop terrace , and the technical school will be open soon! Please pray in this exciting time that construction finishes smoothly, that the Lord blesses Brian's outreach to the neighborhood guys and the older street kids, and that the Lord's will is done through this new aspect of our ministry.

* Arle
After leaving Micah in December of 2008, Arle Mejia has struggled to progress and grow. However, this past week, Arle made the decision to enter El Sembrador, a technical school located in the countryside outside of Tegucigalpa. While he has struggled in the past, please pray that Arle is able to use this opportunity to its full extent and that he is able to move forward. Also, please pray that he is able to adapt to life outside of the city and that he is able to thrive in his new situation.

* The continuation of strategic planning
As we gear up for the new school year, Michael is continuing ahead with Micah's five-year strategic plan. Please continue to pray for this entire process.

* David and Axel
No, I'm not referring to "our" Axel and myself. Rather, I ask you to join us in praying for two street kids that we have recently met. Both David and Axel are young street children, and thus, prime candidates for Micah! Please pray for our relationship with them to continue to grow and deepen and that someday, they will be Micah guys!!  Below, Deno Fabbre, a firend of the Micah Project, poses with little David!

 * John Bell
John has had health issues this past week, and is currently taking some time to rest. The doctors haven't been clear as to the cause of John's issues, but they have suggested that it is an infection. Please pray that they are able to identify the cause of John's health problems and that he is able to rapidly heal.

* And Praises!!
- Safe travels. Praise God for keeping us all safe as various Micah staffers have been traveling around Honduras for a variety of reasons.
- Micah technical school update: stage one, complete!! It's an exciting blessing to see the new workshop on Micah's roof. Praise God for bringing this to pass!
-  Wonderful friends here in Honduras. From the teachers at the International School to Eduardo to Pastor Edwin, there is a wide variety of people here who support and encourage us. Thank God for bringing them into our lives.
- Wonderful friends in the U.S. and elsewhere. Many, many thanks to all of you for your prayers and messages. It SERIOUSLY helps and encourages us!

In the midst of change and turmoil, we are pushing ahead and looking to see our God glorified in and through us. It is because of His grace that we can move ahead and be His lights, and it is because of His love that we yearn to see Him glorified in the lives of our guys. We ask our God to continue to be the heart, the strength and the director of this ministry, and we look forward to humbly serving Him in this coming year!

 The Peace of God be with You,
 David Hawthorne