Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prayer Requests: April 24

Hello dear friends and family of the Micah Project!  We ask you to join us in prayer this week and lift up the following petitions to our Heavenly Father:

*As you know our barrio (neighborhood) has become progressively more dangerous in recent months.  We are doing our best to keep our boys and staff safe.  Unfortunately last week one of our boys was assaulted and had his phone taken. Thankfully he was not harmed. But due to certain circumstances and for his safety we had to send him out of the city to live with his extended family.  This has been a difficult time for him but we pray that it may also be a life-changing time for him.  May he, and all of us at Micah, learn to depend on our Savior for safety and protection.  May we remember that He is with us no matter where we go.

*This week (Thursday) Axelito will be celebrating his 14th birthday!  We are so proud of him and how much he has grown and matured in his 2 years at Micah.  He is a constant source of joy and laughter.  Keep him in your prayers as he continues to move forward and that the Lord will shape into a fine young man.

*Last Friday was the Third Annual Charles Alford Memorial Golf Classic in Houston, TX.  We are thankful for all of those who went out and played as well as those who supported them and everyone who worked hard to put the whole event together.  Thank you for your time and support for the Micah Project!  Despite the rain it looked like everyone had a great time! 

*Hector Licona has spent the last year working at International School and has done a great job there.  However, he was recently offered a job in La Ceiba working with a missionary who plans to open a drop-in center for street kids.  Hector traveled to La Ceiba a few months ago to check out her ministry and get to know the kids a little.  He has accepted the job and will disciple the boys, give devotionals, visit the kids' homes, and provide protection for Kate as she has been working by herself.  We are very excited for Hector as he begins this new chapter of his life.  He will be a great asset to Kate and her ministry to the street kids of La Ceiba. 

Thank you so much for your constant love, support, and encouragement.  We greatly appreciate it!  God's blessings to you and your families this week!
Grace and Peace. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prayer Requests: April 17

Good morning from The Micah Project!  This week we ask that you join us in lifting up the following things to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

*Our elementary boys had their first quarter exams last week.  The majority of the boys passed their exams but there are a few who are struggling academically.  Pray that they may be more focused and motivated with their studies.  May they learn to be responsible and manage their time well.  We are going to be having "study hall" with them a few times a week to help them learn good studying habits.  Pray that those times will go well and that they boys will learn to appreciate the great gift of education that they have been given.

*The Mama Jo bakery continues to do well and make delicious baked goods.  They have been working on getting a local coffee shop chain as a client.  They have had several meetings with this client and are working through things.  This week they will have stands in one of the local malls.  Continue to keep this business and all the women involved in it in your prayers. 

*We were blessed to have a few friends from Houston visit for a day. Melody, Howard, and a new friend, Amy, stopped by Tegus on their way back to Houston.  It is always a great encouragement when friends come to visit.  Melody was able to accompany some of us to visit Axel Lopez at Free The Oppressed Ministries. Howard (who is on the Micah board) spent lots of time with Michael and Olvin working on Micah 2.0 plans.  We are grateful for their (quick) encouraging visit.

*Keep the staff in your prayers as we have had many busy, crazy, and non-normal weeks filled with lots of activities.  May the Lord give us the rest we need to continue ministering to and loving on the people we come in contact with each day. 

We are blessed to have such a wonderful "extended family" in the US who is constantly encouraging and supporting us.  Muchas Gracias!
Grace and Peace. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prayer Requests: April 10

Greetings from Tegucigalpa! We hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! He is risen, He is risen indeed!
This week we ask you to join us in praying for the following:

*We are thankful that a safe and fun Holy Week was had by all at the Micah Project.  The boys had a great time on the beach in Amapala, playing soccer in Orica, hanging out at the Wiggs' house, and going to church on Easter Sunday.  The Timothy House guys joined the Micah House boys on a few outings and it was fun to have all of them together, since that doesn't happen too often.  The boys enjoyed a break from classes and homework too, but we are glad to be back in school and in a routine.  

*Visitors from Becca's church in West Virginia, Kathleen and her father Mike, were with us for the past few days.  They have been great encouragers and it has been fun having them around.  (They even helped to give Megan and Stephen some stick shift driving lessons!)  

*Continue to keep Micah 2.0 progress in your prayers.  We are still waiting on the building permit before we can go any further.  Hopefully it will come through soon! We are anxious to start building, but we rest in the assurance that God's plans and timing are better than ours. 

*Many of the Timothy House guys will begin new classes soon.  The last quarter was a little difficult for some of them, we pray that this quarter they will be more motivated and dedicated to their studies.  May they also learn responsibility, in regards to their studies as well as with things at the house. 

*As you many of you know Marvin Morazon had an awesome trip to the US a few weeks ago.  He has been working with the Wiggs on getting him into Portland Community College in Oregon.  Keep him in your prayers as they deal with paperwork and such.  May everything go according to God's plan. 

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and support for the boys and staff of Micah. We are so grateful for all of you. God's blessings!
Grace and Peace.