Thursday, February 24, 2011

Micah Project Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

 Greetings from the new (Honduran) school year! Uniforms have been purchased, school supplies are lined up, lessons planned and the Micah Project has rung in our school year! We are excited about the return to classes and the routine that it brings with it. The guys are also excited about their new classes, school supplies and books (of course, everyone knows just how fast that feeling wears off!). Still, we are grateful for the fun that we had during vacations and happy about being in classes once again. As we start classes and settle into a normal and regular routine, we ask that you be praying for:

* Hector Mendez and his family
Hector received the news last Sunday that his older (and only) brother Osman had been stabbed to death. He has been grieving the loss of his brother as the two were close and we ask for your prayers for him and his father in this difficult time.  

* Axel Lopez
Axel has returned to Micah with a month-long probation period. During this time, Axel will be studying with us and at Micah in the mornings, but will not be living in Micah House. Our hope and prayer is that he able to demonstrate a renewed willingness to work hard at being in Micah. Please hold this troubled young man in your prayers - especially pray that he is able to surrender his heart to the Lord and receive His supernatural aid in succeeding during this trail phase.

* Arle and Cristofer
Arle has started classes once again at El Sembrador (the boarding that he attends in Eastern Honduras), and he has been joined this year by Cristofer Cruz. Please be praying for both of these young men, as their school, while excellent, is very strict and full of hard work. Please pray that Arle will continue to thrive there and that Cristofer will experience some of the live- and heart-changing aspects of El Sembrador that Arle has experienced.

* Maycol Meza 
Maycol, one of our 2009 graduates, left two weeks ago for Guatemala in order to spend three months in a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). In 2009, Micah graduate Oscar Amaya passed a life-transforming 6 months with YWAM, and our prayer is that Maycol is able to experience the same work of the Lord in his life. Please especially be praying for him as he will be spending a long time away from family, friends and home.

* For scheduling for the Micah Staff
Many members of the Micah Staff, especially Michael Miller and Rebecca and John Bell, have been working long hours and are need of some rest. Please pray that we are able to have a season of calm here at Micah and wisdom in scheduling so that we can give them the time off that they need.

*And, let us always PRAISE!!
- For the start of a life-impacting adventure in Maycol Meza's life. We are excited for him and for the work that the Lord is doing in his life!!
- For the start of classes! We are excited about what this new school year holds for our guys and how they will grow and learn. Praise the Lord for bringing our guys into another year of life and growth!!
- For our guys current mental state. Almost all of the Micah guys are currently (mentally) far from the streets and are fighting hard to move forward. Let us praise the Lord for having worked in the guys' lives so mightily!!

This is an exciting time in the Micah House! We are enjoying the return to classes, the maturing process that is happening in the guys' lives, and we are looking forward to continuing to work on Micah 2.0 and developing the future of the Micah Project. Thank you all for praying us faithfully!! God bless you all!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)