Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Brief Prayer Request

  Buenas Noches,

  I just wanted to remind you all that the Honduran national elections for the office of president are tomorrow. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, but if everything goes well, the international community will most likely recognize the results of the elections, effectively ending our current political problems. Please be praying for a peaceful and smooth voting process, that everyone will refrain from violent protests, and that the transitional period from our current quagmire to the new president will be smooth. We'll keep you all posted on the election results and their effects!

   Trusting in Him,
   David Hawthorne

Friday, November 27, 2009

Why the Weekly Prayer Requests Are Late or Why I Managed to Fall off of a Cliff.

   Dear Friends and Family,

    This week, please accept my apologies in being very late in posting our weekly prayer requests. However, I can offer a valid excuse: Micah Project has just returned from being ten hours away from Tegucigalpa, where we played and relaxed in the the natural beauty of La Ceiba on the Northern Honduran Coast. I now have an internet connection once again, so I thought that I send all of you a brief update/some prayer requests. We at Micah are doing well and really enjoyed the opportunity to be outside of the city and in a different routine. We are also very excited to be spending time this week with our good friends, the Herbold family. The guys had a LOT of fun doing things like riding through the rainforest canopy on ziplines, white-water rafting, playing on the beach, and jumping off a cliff into a river (my fifth jump went wrong and I kinda fell over the edge...thence the title).
    Please keep us in your prayers for this weekend. The Herbolds are leaving for the U.S. tomorrow and Jenna Miller is returning from a visit to her family. Please pray that they all have safe and smooth trips. Also, please be continually in prayer for the Lord to work in the hearts of the guys. In everything that we do, whether in work or play, we work to see the Lord glorified through both our lives and the lives of the guys (to paraphrase the apostle Paul). Please pray that He is glorified in our lives, our words, and in our actions over the course of this weekend! Post-Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all of you!!

Sunburned and happy about it,
David Hawthorne

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly Prayer Requests


This week has been a week full of great rejoicing and deep mourning. This past Friday, we had the opportunity to celebrate the graduation of Marvin and Pedro Luis from the 6th grade. It was a joyous moment in which we celebrated just how far from the streets and abject poverty the Lord has brought these two young men. However, yesterday, we also learned that long-time supporter and dear friend Mary Yates had passed away from cancer. There are few words to express the sorrow that this loss brings to us, her family, and her friends. However, as we mourn with the significant people in Mary's life, we can still rejoice in the legacy that Mary left behind in serving street kids all over Honduras and in the knowledge that she is now celebrating with her Savior. Yet, in the end, it can be hard to see such gain and such loss in the same week. Still, we press on, trusting the Lord's goodness and His faithfulness. As we do so, we look ahead into the coming week, bow ourselves before the Lord, and ask Him to aid us. Please join us in prayerfully pleading for:

 * Comfort for the Family of Mary Yates.
It is always tragic when someone's life and ministry is cut short like Mary's. Please pray for the comfort of her family, even as we rejoice that she has now joined the heavenly festival. Also, please join us in praising the Lord for the mighty work that He did through Mary during her time here on earth (for more information on Mary's ministry, see:

* The Wiggs Family.
  We are excited here at Micah over the arrival of the Wiggs family today. Brian Wiggs is a talented mechanic and plans on opening the Micah Project technical school here in Honduras for older street children and Micah graduates who may not wish to pursue advanced academic degrees. Please pray for the entire Wiggs family as they transition into this new country as well as for Brian as he begins setting up his new school (for more information, see:

* Health
-Long-term Micah staffer Roger Figueroa has had continuing health problems. A few times, he has had seizures in the middle of the night, and is currently taking some time off in order to relax and consult with the doctors. Please pray that the doctors are able to swiftly find the root cause of his health issues and that Roger himself is able to receive the Lord's comfort as he worries over his health.
- Tony, one of our friends from Villa Linda Miller. Back in 2006, Tony broke his back while diving into a river and lost the use of his legs. Since then, he has pressed on with his schooling and has focused on finishing high school. Recently, though, we received word that he has had heart issues and is the hospital. Please pray for him and know that we'll keep you all updated on his situation!

* Our Strategic Plan
Micah is in the midst of creating a five-year strategic plan. Please pray for wisdom for us as we look ahead into the future and ask the Lord what He would have us do in that time. 

* True and Deep Revival in Micah House
 Pray that the Lord works in the hearts of our guys. As a staff, we strive to teach them the way to Him, but in the end, only He can change their hearts. Please ask the Lord that the Holy Spirit will continue to move powerfully and tangibly in everyone here at Micah and please pray that the Micah guys will be filled with a longing for the Lord and His ways.

* And, as always, it is my pleasure to bring to you the things that cause us to praise!
- The graduation of Marvin and Pedro Luis. Despite an occasionally bumpy road, both of these young men arrived at an important marker in their journeys. Marvin, especially, has had challenges along the way, but has always returned to his studies. Praise God for how he has grown!!
- The arrival of the Wiggs family. We are very excited about how our God can use them here in Honduras!
- Wonderful and Refreshing visits from Mary Floye Federer and Marvin Morazan. It is always a joy to receive a hug from Mary Floye and to hear Marvin sing!
- Meeting the national soccer team. This is not a joke: while taking Mary Floye to the airport this past Sunday, Michael and the guys met Honduras's national soccer team while waiting in line with Mary Floye! The guys were able to get their pictures taken with several of the players, and most of the guys are still parading the shirts that the players signed. This was an entirely random, but very fun, happenstance!!

It is truly my joy to walk this path with all of you, our friends and family. Even when we have sad news, such as the passing of Mary Yates, it is a comfort to know that we have a faithful group who will eagerly offer support and prayer. Please keep the family of Mary Yates especially in your prayers this week and seek to support them however possible. Dios les bendiga (God bless you all).

Walking in Mercy,
David Hawthorne

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Prayer Requests

Buenas Tardes,

Every Sunday night, we here at Micah have a worship meeting. The theme of our meetings can vary from asking the guys to remember a lesson from the week or reminding them of some basic scriptural truth. This past Sunday, Michael used the events of the past week to offer a challenge to the guys: make wise decisions. Using the example of someone from our neighborhood who threw away a chance at Micah in order to steal some stuffed animals, Michael spoke about how one bad decision in youth can have repercussions throughout life. He then challenged the guys to avoid seeking the temporary pleasures of this world and instead focus on the eternal pleasures of the Lord. He asked them to use their coming vacation wisely, in order to learn and grow rather than just misspending their time. I hope and pray that this challenge sinks into the hearts of everyone who was there, and that we are able to see change and growth over the next three months. As I, and the rest of the staff, pray for Micah this week and for this vacation period, please join us in praying for:

*'Summer' Vacation
The school year is over and the guys are out on vacation! They are very excited, but this also means more work for the staff and more opportunities for conflicts to arise. However, it is also an excellent time for the guys to explore their own talents as well as pursue individual personal growth. Please pray:
- That the guys would use this time wisely. Michael challenged them to make decisions during vacation that would honor the Lord and lead to growth. Please pray that this comes to pass.
- For our staff. We are somewhat short-staffed at the moment due to illness, so we are all carrying a larger portion of responsibility than normal. Please pray that we are able to have the endurance and wisdom to handle our increased workload.

Long-term staffer Roger Figueroa has been having seizures at night. He is undergoing further physical exams and medical tests in order to discover the underlying cause of his health issues. Please pray that the doctors quickly discover the cause of his seizures and are able to treat it. Also, please pray that he will receive the Lord's comfort as he worries over his health.

*Graduation this weekend
Please pray for a smooth ceremony and that we are able to joyfully celebrate the graduation of Marvin and Pedro Luis from the sixth grade! Also, please pray for a safe journey for Mary Floye as she comes to visit and celebrate with us. (Interesting fact: 2 1/2 years ago, Marvin was a street kid with no formal education - isn't God amazing?)

*Our guys
Many of us here at Micah feel that we are waging a war over the lives of our guys. Please pray:
- For the staff as we strive to see God's work in their lives and to hinder Satan's plans for these young men.
- More importantly, for the young men. Pray that they will see God's love for them and that they will positively respond to that love. Pray that they are able to confront pain from their pasts and that they will be able to grow through that pain rather than cave into the temptations of anger, pornography, or rebellion. Pray that the Lord will work in their hearts and raise up another generation from Micah Project filled with maturity and a desire to carry out the Lord's work in their lives!

And the stuff that makes peanut butter and chocolate ice cream seem petty: PRAISES!

Marvin and Pedro Luis are graduating from the sixth grade! Praise the Lord that these young men are forging ahead, despite all obstacles and temptations!

*Marvin Morazan coming to visit
"MJMV Little" (as he calls himself) is coming home to visit for graduation! We here are very excited to have him visit and encourage our guys. We are also grateful for how he has matured and grown!

*For continuing strength to work in the lives of the guys.
Like I've mentioned before on the blog, Micah life is tiring. We are grateful for the strength of the Lord as well as His faithfulness to us as we work here. Our God is so loving!


This young man has shown incredible growth over the past year! He has gone from being one of the youngest, more immature members of Micah to an example to which we can point. We are so thankful that he has come so far!
As always, the faithfulness of our Lord continues to overwhelm me. Not only does He work in each of the guys and encourage us, but He also has brought us loyal family members and friends who care and pray for us. Thank you, each and every one of you, for responding to the Lord's call and partnering with us in prayer. Thank you, Lord, for continuing to be our foundation.

David Hawthorne

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Video Recap

Here is a short video in which several of the young men get a chance to share about what God taught them last weekend on our spiritual retreat in PANACAM, Honduras.

Please accept their (and our) gratitude to all of you whose prayers and support made this retreat a success!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Prayer Requests


This past weekend was a wonderful time in the Honduran mountains, laughing and playing. The time away from the city was not only a time of personal relaxation and renewal, but it was also a time for us to take time out of our hectic lives and reflect on the amazing relationship that we enjoy with our Savior.  Today, we are back in Tegucigalpa, hurtling back into midst of our routines and 'normal' lives. As we (literally) come down from the mountain and prepare ourselves for this new month, I ask that you join us in praying for this week and the start of the month. Please join us in praying for:

*Applying lessons from our spiritual retreat.
This past weekend was a wonderful time for us to focus on our limitations and weaknesses as humans...and on how the Lord loves us, saved us, and works in us - despite our failures! We were all able to have good times talking about sin, forgiveness, and giving praise to our constant Lord. In light of the lessons of this weekend, please pray:
- That the guys are able to internalize the lessons of this weekend into their hearts. We can teach, model, and discuss the Christian faith here in Micah, but only God can change the hearts of our guys. Please pray that this weekend marks the start of a period of spiritual growth and revival here in Micah.
- That, as part of our efforts to facilitate growth in the guys, that we are able to have meaningful conversations with each of our young men over the course of the next few weeks. Please pray that we are able to see continued growth.

* End of the school year/vacation
- Our school year finishes at the end of this week. Please pray for our guys' ability to focus until the end (it has already been a challenge so far this week). Also, please pray for us as we plan for 'summer' vacation.

* Marvin Soto
Please pray that he finds work.

* Our Staff
- All of us, both Hondurans and Americans, work long days while pouring ourselves into our young men. While Micah's work can be very rewarding, it can also be emotionally and mentally draining. Please pray that we are able to find sufficient time to rest, to be spiritually refreshed, and to deal with the details of our lives (like finding time to wash clothes or buying food to eat).

* Peace
- In our home.
- In our barrio.
- In our country.

And, once again, it is my pleasure to bring you PRAISES!!
- For a safe, refreshing, and growing weekend (not to mention the beauty of a Honduran rainforest...).
- For an encouraging visit from Melody Dunne.
- For a proposed (and likely to succeed) peace deal that will finally end Honduras's political turmoil.
- Another day of life in which we can walk with our Divine Lover!

Our Lord is so faithful. This weekend, with its times of reflection, powerfully reminded me that the Lord is our foundation for everything that we do. No street child passes through our doors and not one of our young men matures without our God working in them. It is the same work of the same God that drives on myself and the rest of Micah's staff. By the grace of our Lord, I, alongside the rest of Micah's dedicated team, am able to press on through all challenges and help to raise these young men. May the grace of God continue to be sufficient for all of us.

Lord Have Mercy,
David Hawthorne