Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prayer Requests: September 27

Greetings from Tegucigalpa!  We ask that you join us this week in praying for the following:

*This past weekend Michael, Stephen, and the boys spent some time out on our new land building a fence around the property.  It's great to begin the process of constructing the home of the future Micah Project.  As things move forward we ask that you continue to keep Micah 2.0 in your prayers.  We are still seeking discernment and direction as we look for an Honduran architect to help us with our plans.

*John and Becca Bell are on vacation in the states this week.  Also Brian Wiggs will be traveling to the states later this week to speak at a church in St. Louis, MO.  We ask for safe travels for all of them and that they may be able to rest, relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

*Jeferson continues to work as a carpenter's apprentice.  He has come a long way since he started a few months ago.  He would like to find a carpentry or trade school where he can take some classes as well as continue to work.  Please pray that we may find the right school and fit for him.  We also pray for drive and motivation for him.

*Also this past week the teachers from Micah took a trip to El Salvador.  We are very thankful for Israel's family who opened their home to us for the weekend.  We had a great time visiting a volcano, eating pupusas, and playing in the waves on the beach.  We praise God for safe travels there and back, for the chance to visit a new country (for some of the teachers) and just a great time with one another.

*We give thanks to God that the boys have been in a pretty good spot lately (minus a few squabbles here and there.)  We can see some maturity in them and that they are learning to control their actions and words.

Thank you so much for your continuous support, love, and prayers that you pour out for all of us here at Micah.  We couldn't do it without such a great extended family.
Grace and Peace to you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prayer Requests: September 20

Hola!  This week we ask that you join us in praying for the following:

*God is faithful and does answer our prayers- the new land in VLM is officially ours! We are excited to begin the process of developing Micah 2.0.  However, we are still in need of an architect.  Pray that God will lead the right one to us and we can begin discussing our plans.  The next step is to get the building permit.  Pray that that process will go smoothly and quickly.

*After spending some time on the streets and at home Axel Lopez came to Micah today to discuss his future and see what options are available.  He has realized that he can't keep living the way he is and that he needs to somehow change his life.  Pray for discernment and wisdom as we look at what options are available for him.  

*This week one of the older Micah guys, Jarvin, will be moving into his own apartment.  Pray that the transition to life on his own will go well and that he may follow the path that God has for him. He continues to work as a teacher for a program that helps adults complete their primary and secondary education.  

*This past weekend we had a vision trip group from Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO.  We praise God for the new friendships that were developed and the fun times that were had by all.  Their visit was a great encouragement to all of us.  We pray that eyes were opened and that lives were changed by this visit.  

*We celebrate the excellent performance of the men in the technical school as they all passed the written exam with flying colors! Soon they will have the practical exam and we pray that they will do well on that exam too.

We are so blessed to have a huge extended family in the states that loves us, encourages us, and prays for us.  Thank you so much for all that you do for us! 
Grace and Peace.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prayer Requests: September 13

Greetings family and friends of the Micah Project!  Please join us in praying for the following things this week:

*There are still a few things to get in order before the new land at VLM can officially be ours.  Pray that things will fall into place soon.  We are still looking for a Honduran architect to help us with our plans.  Pray that the right one will be found soon.

*Marvincito is almost done with his fourth month of rehab.  Thankfully the directors are letting him stay for two more months.  Pray that he may continue to grow and follow the path that God has for his life.  We are unsure of what he will do when the two months are up,  but we trust that God will provide a great opportunity for him. 

*Our school year is winding down, only a few weeks are left.  Pray that the boys will continue to give their best efforts and do well in their classes. We celebrate the efforts of Pedro Luis, Joel, and Miguelito as they earned the highest grades this grading period.  

*David Hawthorne, who worked with us at Micah for the past two years, headed back to the states last week.  We are very thankful for the sacrifices he made and all the work he did in his two years with the project.  Keep him in your prayers as he adjusts to life in the United States and looks for a job.

*This week we have a group visiting from St. Louis.  We are excited to have them here and to welcome the new-comers into the Micah family.  Pray that their trip will go smoothly, without any problems, and that they may be blessed by their time at Micah.

 *Keep the Micah staff in your prayers as many of us are feeling tired and stressed with all that needs to be done, especially with Micah 2.0.  We are working on dividing up tasks in order to give everyone the rest that they need so that we may all do our jobs well.

As Proverbs 3:5 says "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."  We trust that God is in control of the plans for Micah 2.0.  There is lots to be done and at times it may seem overwhelming and like we are making no progress, but we are confident that God's plans are great and things will happen on His time.
Grace and Peace to you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prayer Requests: September 6

Good day to all of you!

Sorry for the short break in our prayer updates, we are now back in action.  Life continues to be busy at Micah; school, soccer, Facebook, trips to the park, and more soccer. This week we ask that you join us in praying for the following:

*The land for Micah 2.0 is almost ours!  As most of you know from our photo of the day, we are days away from being in possession of the new land.  Please pray that all the bank transactions will go smoothly.  We are eager to begin building on the new land.  Also pray that we may find a Honduran architect to help us with our plans.

*Axel Lopez, who had been studying with us and living at Casa Alianza was recently kicked out of C.A.  He had been under some type of lockdown at C.A. because of a crime he witnessed.  Now he is living at home, which isn't a good situation. Pray for his safety and that God may continue to work in his heart.

*Several of our staff members are still sick.  Pray that they may get the rest they need to recover quickly and return to good health.

*Continue to keep Brayan Chavez in your prayers as he studies and ministers in Costa Rica.  Pray that he may continue to learn, grow, and  make new friendships.  May God give him they strength he needs to press on.

*The Wiggs family is back! They arrived this weekend and we are very happy to have them in Honduras again.  Pray that their family may continue to work through their issues and that they may remain close as a family.  Also keep the technical school and Grupo Mama Jo's bakery in your prayers as things move forward with both of those ministries now that Brian and Natasha are back.

*We welcome Stephen Kusmer, a Wheaton grad from Indiana, to the Micah family.  He arrived this weekend and will be with us for the next year as an intern helping John with chaplain things.  We are excited that he is here and look forward to getting to know him.  Keep him in your prayers as he begins his time at Micah.

We are forever grateful for your continued support, prayers, love, and encouragement.  God's blessings to each one of you!