Friday, April 8, 2011

Micah Project Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Blessings and best wishes from the Micah Project! For us, the summer season has definitely set in, with sweat-inducing high temperatures every day for the past week, and extremely dusty/smoggy conditions. These days, when we aren't running around or playing, you can find us huddled in the air-conditioned computer lab or near a running fan! Despite the heat, we are staying active and doing our best to keep our guys busy. We have been reminded again of the growing crime in Tegucigalpa, as several staff members were involved in robberies on the streets near Micah in the last few weeks, but we are thankful that any losses were only material. Thank you for your prayers for us as we seek to minister to the guys and our neighbors in the midst of so much darkness. This week, please especially be praying for us in these areas:

* Axel Lopez
Axel has continued to struggle over the past week. Please be praying for this young man as he works to stay on a forward path and fight against the darkness of his past. Please also pray that instead of running, that Axel would turn to the Lord for healing.

* Safety in our neighborhood
After the robberies of the past week, we have been extra careful in our neighborhood. Please be praying for safety for the Micah staff as we travel between our homes and the Micah Project, as well as throughout the city. Also, please be praying for peace of mind for us as we continue to live our lives here in Barrio Buenos Aires.

* Safety in the city
Last week saw large and sometimes violent political demonstrations in Tegucigalpa. Several of the main streets in Tegus were shut down on a daily basis and regular activities have been disrupted. Please be praying for peace in the city, and that those who have been protesting (mainly teachers who have been on strike and members of la resistencia, a radical political movement) would be able to reconcile and settle peacefully with the government.  It is the students of the public school system who are mainly being affected, as their classes are continually canceled.

* Peace in the Micah Project
Michael has been in the United States this past week and will be gone until next Thursday. We are grateful that he is able to find some time to visit friends and family! While Michael is the US, please pray for peace here in the Micah Project. We are so thankful for the stability of the boys right now, and are enjoying a good period of routine and activities.

* And, of course, PRAISES!!
- For Oscar Amaya's acceptance at Wheaton College for fall of 2011 and for the full-ride scholarship that he has received. Wheaton is a very academically challenging Christian university - and one that rarely gives out large scholarships. Praise the Lord for providing so bountifully for Oscar!!  He has proven himself ready for the challenge, as he has done amazingly well at Houston Community College for the past year and a half.
- Despite several robberies of staff members, no one has been physically harmed. Praise the Lord for keeping us safe!
- For fun times with the Micah guys. We praise the Lord for giving a wonderful (although often challenging) and joyful ministry!!
- For "Paco," the new Micah van. It is so much easier to move about the city now that we actually have enough seats for everyone, with two vans!!
- For wonderful friends!! Thank you to all of you who so consistently support and encourage us!

This has been a challenging week for our city, but we are thankful to have been protected by the Lord and always encouraged to see the guys continuing to grow. Thank all of you for your prayers and we will be continuing to update all of you on our lives here in Tegucigalpa!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)