Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prayer Requests: May 29

Greetings from a hot and rainy Tegucigalpa!  Please join us this week in praying for the following:

-Marlon has been working hard these past few months to get all of Pedro Luis's documents together in order for him to get a passport.  They were finally able to go to Immigration and get him a passport this week! The next step is to get a visa appointment.  We are hoping and praying that his appointment will be within the next two weeks, as he would need to be in Wisconsin at the end of June to work at Honey Rock (a camp associated with Wheaton College where he would work with the service team).  Pray that all goes well and he gets his appointment soon.

-Marvin Morazon and Hector Licona will be finishing up their time at International School in a few weeks.  Pray that they will finish out the year strong.  Hector will then be soon moving to La Ceiba to start his new job there working with street kids.  Marvin will be heading to the US (Portland, OR) later this summer to start classes at Portland community college.  Keep both of these young men in your prayers as they will be facing a lot of changes in the months to come.

-Brian, Natasha, Michael, Brian James, and Nohelia will be moving back to the states in the upcoming week.  We have been so blessed to have them here with us at Micah for the past three years.  The work they have done and the lives they have affected is immeasurable.  We are so thankful for all they have done with Micah Tech and Mama Jo's Bakery.  We are sad to see them go but we know that our Heavenly Father has great and glorious plans in store for them.  Pray for safety in their travels these next few weeks and that they may be able to appropriately deal with the culture shock they will face.  We love you Wiggs!

-The budget for Micah 2.0 is done and set!  We are planning to launch our capital campaign in just a few weeks.  Continue to keep this process and project in your prayers.
Thank you SO MUCH for your continuous love, prayers, and encouragement that you send our way.
Grace and Peace.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prayer Requests: May 15

Dear friends and family,
We ask that you take a few minutes this week and join with us in praying for the following things:

-Our continuous prayer is for safety and security of the boys and staff as we live in an ever-increasingly dangerous neighborhood.  We are discussing the possibility of hiring someone to watch the house during the day as well as to accompany us to and from the apartments.  The Lord has protected us this far and may He continue to surround us with His guardian angels, whether in the neighborhood or out and about in the city.  We continue to trust in Him and protection.

-Jose, who is studying in Costa Rica, came last week for a short visit during his break from classes.  He will be starting a new semester this week and will be finishing up his schooling soon.  Pray that he may stay motivated and focused in his studies.  May the Lord continue to bless him and his life in Costa Rice.  We enjoyed having him around for a few days!

-Pray for mass transformation of hearts and minds for the boys of the Timothy House.  They have had some conflicts this past week and are working through some issues.  This coming weekend they will be having a spiritual retreat.  Pray that this may be a growing and learning experience for all of them.

 -Last week we had a special inauguration/dedication service for Rogers' new house in Villa Linda Miller.  After over a year of construction he was finally able to move in earlier this month.  Roger was very excited to move in and to be able to bless his family with his new house.  We are so thankful for Roger and all that he has done for Micah over the 12 years he has been with the project.

Thank you so much for your continued support, love, and encouragement, even from afar! Our God had blessed us greatly and for that we are very thankful!
Grace and Peace.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Prayer Requests: May 7

Dear friends and family,
Blessings from Tegucigalpa! This week we ask you to pray with us for the following:

*Michael is celebrating his birthday this week (May 7) and is spending a few days in Roatan with his parents.  We are so thankful for Michael and all of his hard work, passion, and dedication to the Micah Project.  May God bless him with many more years of life! Happy Birthday Michael!

*Matt and Amy Darr are visiting us this week from St. Louis.  They are in the process of adopting a Honduran baby.  It has been a long process thus far but things are going well.  Pray that the Lord will continue to provide all the necessary things and that He may prepare their family (they already have 2 of their own children) to welcome the new child into their lives.

*Axel Lopez moved back into Micah last week.  He is doing most of his studies at the sixth grade level.  We pray that he may stay focused on his studies and be motivated to do his best in school.  Living at Micah has been a little bit of an adjustment for him, compared to where he was living before (at Free The Oppressed Ministries).  May the Lord continue to work in his life and his heart to shape him into the young man He desires him to be.

* We praise the Lord that despite living in a dangerous neighborhood,  He has kept us safe under his protection and care.   Also the boys continue to be a good, stable place.  We are thankful for the ways that they are growing and maturing.

Thank you for your constant support and prayers! God's blessings to you all and may you have a great week!
Grace and Peace.
(Pictured at left are some of the kids that are involved in our street ministry.  Here they are waiting to "buy" some shoes we supplied for them. )