Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayer Requests: July 26

Good morning to all!  We thank all of you for your continued prayer, support, and encouragement.  This week we ask that you join us in lifting up the following areas to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

*Wednesday evening the Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa will be meeting and The Micah Project will be the main focus.  Brian Wiggs will be presenting The Micah Project to this group of upper class business people, many of whom have probably never interacted with street kids before. Several of the older graduates will be there as well.  Pray that the Holy Spirit may speak through Brian and that more people may become aware of The Micah Project and what we are all about.

*Brian Wiggs will be returning to Honduras today, but the rest of his family, Natasha, Brian James, and Michael will remain in Oregon for a while longer.  After being home for awhile it became evident that the boys are struggling far more than they were aware of.  As a family they will begin intensive counseling this week.  When everyone feels that it is okay they will return to Honduras.  Pray that they may find healing and that they may be able to see God's path thru the fogginess they are in right now.

*Danilo was recently diagnosed with Dengue Fever.  He has had to go to the hospital a few times for IVs.  He has a fever, muscle and joint pain, and feels very tired.  Pray that he may recover quickly and return to his job with Proyecto Manuelito.

*Maycol Meza has been back in Tegucigalpa for a few weeks now.  Last Monday he started university and is taking 3 classes.  So far he seems to really enjoy it.  Pray that his transition back and into the Timothy House would continue to go smoothly, that he would do well in his classes, and that he would continue to apply all that he learned in Guatemala to his life here.

*Hauner is feeling a lot better! He is back to his normal funny, goofy self.

*Despite past conflicts and struggles Axel Lopez continues to move forward in the right direction.  He has had a better attitude and has been more focused in classes.

*During our Sunday night meeting we were able to skype with Brayan Chavez, who is in Costa Rica.  The little guys (or "Los Pequeños Gigantes" as they call themselves) loved being able to "see" him and chat with him for awhile.  It was a great encouragement to all to hear from him.  He has made some new friends and is enjoying life with YWAM in CR.

We thank the Lord for the precious lives that he has given us and the work that he has called us to do.  Even when the going gets tough we know that He is right there beside us, every step of the way.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prayer Requests: July 19

Buenos dias! This week we ask you to join us in prayer for the following:

*Hauner Amaya has been sick since for about a month now with a sore throat and achy body.  He has been to the doctor several times and may need to have his tonsils removed.  Pray for healing and that the doctors may figure out what is wrong with him so he may feel better soon and return to his normal self. 

*Marvincito is almost done with his second month of rehab.  However, lately he has been struggling with things of his past. He has come very far from where he was a few months ago, living on the streets and involved with gangs.  Pray that he may be strong, that he may feel loved by God and others, and that he may continue his path of healing and restoration.  

*Joel Oliver arrived to Micah on Saturday.  He is from Georgia and is working on his masters degree.  He will be with us for a few weeks giving the boys guitar lessons and getting to know the project.  We are thankful he is here and willing to share his talents with us.

*Ginny, Becca's mom, also arrived this past weekend.  She will be spending a few weeks with us.  We are always thankful when family comes to visit! 

*Wendy, one of our Honduran teachers, gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week! Praise God for new life and that mom and baby are doing well.  (Hopefully soon we will have a picture of the new little one!) 

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, support and love. They are greatly appreciated!!  Our God has greatly blessed us and we are very thankful!