Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

 Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Tegucigalpa, Honduras! We find ourselves at the start of another week here at Micah Project, with all the joys and pains of raising these young men. This past month has been a hard battle over the lives of these young men, and all of us are feeling the strain of constant spiritual warfare. However, our God is greater than any attackers, and we know that He will be victorious in the end. As we press on in this fight, we continue to bring our prayers and praises before our God. Please join us this week in prayer for:

* Northern Honduras
This past week, Hurricane Matthew passed through Honduras. While damage in Tegucigalpa was minimal, the Northern part of the country suffered the brunt of the storm's hit. There are few resources or government agencies to help those who have been hard-hit by the storm and damaged infrastructure will likely take some time to repair. Please be holding the people of this country, and especially of the North in your prayers.

* Hector, David, Miguelito, y Axelito
Our four youngest guys have been struggling in their fights against addiction and the urge to return to the streets. Each of these young men is very precious, and we love each one very dearly. Please hold them in constant prayer as they struggle and sometimes fail against strong foes.

* Axel Lopez
Axel is back home! However, he is still vulnerable to the same temptations that took him to the streets in the first place. Please be holding him in your prayers over the next week. Please especially pray that he is able to confront and defeat the pain of his past and find rest in God's healing.

* The Micah Staff
The past month has been filled with intense spiritual warfare, and we on the Micah staff are feeling the  strain  of constant spiritual attack. Please lifting us up in prayer while you also lift our guys up in prayer. We are confident that our God will win this battle, but it is a hard fight!!

* Also, let us turn to God and PRAISE!!
- For Axel Lopez's return! After many prayers and a lot of heartache, Axel is back home and once again moving forward is his journey from darkness in the light!
- The Bells are back! Rebecca and John Bell took some well-earned personal time and went to a friends wedding in Spain - and they're back with us! We're very excited about having them back!!
- For each of the lives in Micah Project! Yeison, Maycol, Axel, Pedro Luis, Wilmer, Yoel, Junior, Axelito, Nelson, Miguelito, Miguel Fugon...each one of these young men is a precious gift to us from God and we are grateful for them!!
- For God's strength. "You are stronger, much stronger...." says the worship song, and we rejoice in its truth. Our God is much, much stronger than any foe that wishes to attack our guys. Let us rejoice in and give praise over that fact!!

As a closing thought to our prayer request blog, let me leave you with Ephesians 3:20-21(ESV):
"Now to him who able to do far more abundantly more than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Jesus Christ throughout all generations, forever and ever, amen." Let us never cease to praise and rely on Him, brothers and sisters!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the entire Micah Project)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from yet another wet week here in Tegus! The missions teams have left, but the rains have decided to stay. Beside torrential tropical rains most days of the past week, we here at Micah have also been enduring waves of spiritual attack over the past month. Still, the Lord is giving us the strength to fight alongside of our guys in their battle for life. We continue to lift up the young men in our charge and are committed to fighting this battle with them. As we encourage them, please work with us and lift the following in prayer:

* Strength to continue to fight and humility to ask for help
Many of our guys have been struggling recently in their war against their old selves and past lives. Please be praying that they turn to us, and, more importantly, to the Lord for help in their battles. Please also pray that those who have stumbled would find healing in confession. Lastly, we ask you to be lifting us, the staff of Micah Project, up in prayer as we seek to safeguard and guide these young men.

* Bob and Jo Bewley
Long-time Micah friend and Micah Moms Ministry founder Jo Bewley has entered the final stages of her battle against terminal cancer. Please be lifting her and Bob up in prayer in this time.  Bob and "Mama Jo" have been a part of our family for a long time and they are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

* For the Micah Moms ministry
Even as Jo Bewley approaches the end of her time here on earth, the ministry founded by her is flourishing. The Micah Moms meet several times a week in Micah House in order to learn new sewing techniques and practice their new skills. Please be covering the future of this ministry in prayer as we look to expand it into a full-fledged micro-enterprise organization.  Also, two of the moms, Maria and Telma, have been suffering from severe illnesses; please pray for strength and healing in their lives.

* Axel Lopez
In a week of hard prayer requests and sad news, some of the hardest and saddest is the fact that Axel Lopez is still living outside of Micah House. We have received news that he has entered Covenant House, a large center for street youth, but it is unclear how long he plans to stay there. Please be fervently praying for this young man as he is clearly in the midst of an intense spiritual battle.

* And, even in the midst of battle, let us remember to Praise our Lord!!
- For the arrival of Megan Scheumann! Megan, a long-time friend of Micah Project, has just joined Micah staff full-time!! Megan will be working with the Micah Moms sewing ministry and seeking to expand and grow this vibrant ministry.
- For victories in this spiritual battle. Every smile, every good day, every step forward is a victory in the lives of our young men. Praise the Lord for bringing out the victory in their lives!! 
- For allies! The Lord has brought many faithful allies and friends into the lives of everyone here at Micah. Praise the Lord for bringing them (and all of you) to us - and thank you all very much!!

These past two weeks in Micah House have been hard and have seen several dark and intense battles over the lives of our young men. However, we know that we have the Lord God Almighty on our side in this battle and we know that He will prevail. Rise up, O Lord!!

David Hawthorne (on behalf of the Micah Project)